Why won't my 3 year old go to sleep at night?


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Kelly - posted on 03/30/2012




Try setting up a reward program. First tell her we will have a bedtime routine...make something up that works. Potty, brush teeth, 1-2 books and bed or whatever works. The books adds some fun to it. You can even make up a fun picture chart and ask her what is next. Throw bathtime in there where needed. I actually used to chase mine to bed. They would give me a kiss and then watch me closely sneaking away (becasue I would pretend like I wasn't going to get them) then the chase was on. They giggled and squealed all the way there. I wouldn't encourage that for kids who need to wind down but mine always fell asleep in less than 5 mins! However we did always have routines and the same bedtime every night even close to the same times on vacation so they were rested for the fun the next day. If she has a "good night" tell her she gets a sticker on her chart the next morning. Figure out how many good mornings equates with a prize....3-5 stickers? Then you and I get to make cookies this w/e or whatever? We will make homemade playdoh! Kids are easy and most can be good activites to do together anyways. If she has a bad night keep calm and say I sure hop tomorrow is a better night and you can earn a sticker and walk out. Minimize ANY attention when they do wrong. Even yelling is attention. Walk away and ignore except if you have to put them back in bed. Keep conversation minimal. Say its bedtime and walk her back. Good behavior gets praised and all sorts of attention.

Betty - posted on 03/30/2012




She is totally knackered but just fights it. I end up getting really angry with her and shouting. She then cries and eventually goes to sleep. I think bed time should be a happy time.

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