why won;t my children clean their rooms.


Kristina - posted on 09/12/2016




My seven (almost 8) year old and my 4 year old were the same way! Talk about frustrating and wanting to just pull your hair out. How old are your kids? Something that worked for me was taking away screen time and toys. They only get to watch tv or play on their devices on Friday and Saturday nights as long as their chores are done. Yes people my 4 year old has chores. Shoot me! But it got to the point where they wouldn't do anything but make a mess and I was forced to clean it up. So I took an hour off each of their screen time. That worked for a couple of weeks then it was right back to not doing anything. So I went in one day when they went to their grandmas and packed every toy, every stuffed animal, pretty much anything other than their books and stored it in the garage. They came home and were completely distraught and upset. I told them I was tired of cleaning up after them and they were told and told again to clean but didn't listen. I kept their toys and stuff for a month locked up before they got anything back. I slowly gave them back little bits at a time. When things didn't get picked up I put it in a tote and stored it again. They learned after 2 weeks I wasn't playing around and now I get after them but they usually do it pretty quickly.

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