why would my nine month old son have asthma. i didnt smoke wit him??? he is a healthy baby but yet has trouble breathing at time and he has to take puffers


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Tina - posted on 08/26/2012




I'd say there's a good chance it will get better with age. I suffered pretty bad with asthma as kid. People use to tell me the same. I didn't believe it. But I have worked out a lot of the things that have triggered mine and how to cope better. There are various things that can trigger it.

Mould is definately one. I moved into a house and wasn't aware of the mould and I have had terrible asthma. Certain foods can trigger it. For me diet drinks trigger it among others things. Dust hair. Pollen. Though smoking can cause it.

There are other factors. Unfortunately even if a parent smokes outside that only helps a little because the residue is on their clothes and in there hair. I know I have had relatives stay at my house and although smokes outside. It still set off my asthma. They'd walk in you could smell it on them. If you do smoke I would suggest wearing a particular jacket for smoking take it off when finished and washing your hands and face. That helps a little too.

It most certainly can be genetic too unfortunately. If you're in an old house it may be the house. Old carpets contain a lot of crap. I know mine do and I've vacuumed and cleaned them countless times. Yet I still find dog hair from previous owners I've lifted what I can of the carpet but it's glued down and it's was absolutely disgusting what I found. There can also be mould and moisture in the walls and roof.

Firebird - posted on 08/26/2012




Is there any mould in your house? Allergies to black mould are common and often present themselves as asthma. My cousin's daughters had very bad asthma symptoms until her doctor asked her if there was any mould in her house, she looked around in places she wouldn't normally look and there was more mould that she realized. The attic, the crawlspace, it was even in the walls of the house, but the landlord just painted over it to hide it. So she moved, and her kids started breathing better. If there's no family history of asthma, you might want to look around your house.

Amanda - posted on 08/25/2012




i did not kno it could be past on through generation. i wounder if it will go away when hes older

Lacye - posted on 08/25/2012




More than likely it is something that runs in your family or the father's family. Just because you don't smoke during pregnancy doesn't mean your child won't have asthma and just because you do smoke during pregnancy doesn't automatically mean your child will have it. I smoked during my first (although I did cut down a lot when I was pregnant) and my daughter came out extremely healthy with no side effects besides her birth weight being a little low. On the other hand, my husband's ex did not smoke when she was pregnant with hubby's baby and her daughter now has really bad asthma but that is something that runs in her family. It has more to do with genes but smoking can cause it as well.

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