Why would she suddenly start sucking her thumb?

KaLee - posted on 06/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My nine month old daughter has suddenly taken to sucking her thumb. She has never taken a pacifier or sucked her thumb. Also, because she has her two bottom teeth, this new development is causing a sore on her thumb knuckle. Why would she suddenly develope this behavior? How do we help change it before it becomes a real habit? My husband is a stay at home dad. I came home for lunch yesterday, he had put mittens on her to keep her from sucking her thumb. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Julie - posted on 06/15/2011




Let her do it! My oldest daughter is now grown and we talked about her habit ... and it did NOT misshape her teeth NOR was it bad for her emotionally. I am SO SORRY we ever punished her for it -
Hubby is now mommie...? Dads are not moms PERIOD?
Your precious little girls obviously has some needs that need to be met ... and her one means of security is her thumb. Listen to her signals precious mommie... Let Hubby bring home the bacon and you be the mommie ... that is nature's way (you had the womb and the breasts to nurse, right?)

Elfrieda - posted on 06/15/2011




My son started sucking his thumb at 1 year old, when his molars came in. It shocked me, too! He had never taken a soother or been interested in sucking before.
He got the sore on his thumb from biting it, too. I rubbed Lanisoh on it, which seemed to help. I didn't prevent him from doing it as he was going to sleep, but if he did it at other times, I gave him a toy that requires two hands, or swooped him around the room to distract him. It worked. He's 18 months old, and still sucks his thumb at naps and bedtime, but never at other times. It doesn't bother me, and the sore on his thumb cleared up.
I think you and your husband need to decide what you're comfortable with. Do you want her to never suck her thumb? Only in bed?
Personally, the thumbsucking has been a bit of a blessing for us. Now he goes to sleep no problem, whereas before it was always a bit of a struggle.

Katherine - posted on 06/15/2011




New habits crop up all the time. If she is cutting teeth that could be a reason for it. Try giving her something to soothe her teeth and see if that works.

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