Wife has the Mirena iud and left me when our son was 4 months old

Chester - posted on 08/24/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I my name is Chester and my wife and have been married for almost 3 years but my complaint is that that my wife had the Mirena iud inserted back in February of this year after our son was born in dec 2014. Our son had colic real bad and it was a strain on both of us but anyways My wife has left me back in April when our son was 4 months old and she has filed for divorce but I see no reason why she needs a divorce I have done nothing wrong to her but anyways she has all negative things to say about our marriage and there are a lot of positive things me really the only thing I look at as negative is her leaving but I have noticed that her pesonality has changed a lot and she has done a complete 360 she has had mood swings like crazy at me she is very irritable and she even told me one day that the Mirena caused her to have a uti . I have tried talking to her about this and she is in so much denial ms says that there is nothing wrong with her and that I keep harassing her about it and I'm just trying to tell her that maybe the Mirena is not right for her and that it is messing with her hormones causing a imbalance I have even asked her about postpartum and she denies she had that too but I have talked to some of my friends that know her and that are nurses and they said to me that it could be her hormones . I also could notice that she has had some other symptoms like acne low sex drive and some bloating and all she says to me is that it is giving her cramps and she doesn't remember telling me that it caused her to get a uti so I think she has some foggy memory as we can talk one night and the next night we talk again and she doesn't remember that she told me something. I have asked her to get it taken out and at first she said she would if I paid for it and I said yes I will pay to get it taken out , she doesn't see that I am trying to be the loving a supportive husband and she seems to not care for me anymore but she has stated to me that she will always love and care for me and the next time I talk to her she states that she loves me but she is not in love with me and how can someone fall out of love with their husband so fast such as 4 months after our son was born . She did have to have a c section after our sons head got stuck after she was pushing for 3 hours and I was by her side for everything and she also stated that I didn't support her enough in the hospital we had to stay their for 4 days and I was there everyday all day and night so I think I supported her through the whole birth and even staying at the hospital . I love my wife so very much that I don't know what else to do as I don't want to get a divorce over the Mirena causing a problem in our marriage as I really do believe that is the cause cause she has never acted in this way in the 9 years we have been together and she has changed in a bad way in such a short time . I have even tried to tell her positive things that we have had and what we could have since our son was born . I just want to get my family back and get her back to me as the fun lovely person I once knew because she is not the same person I married and had a child with . So my question is how do I convince her to get it removed because I think that would be the best for her as I am really concerned about her health and the safety of our son because I don't know what she is going to do next . I have talked to my lawyer and he said I could bring up all the info I have about the women having bad experiance with the Mirena and I have printed off a lot and also I want to do marriage cousling but she has deined that too as once again everything is negative and she doesn't think it would help , oh and she has brought things up in the past that's he has never told me about , so I'm trying to help her and save my marriage before she ruins our life's and our sons by not having his parents together as I feel that is one of the most important things . All the things that's she stated to me that she had problems with are minor and can be fixed . She is living with her parents and she tells them that there is nothing wrong with her and that she is not having any problems with it and I have even tried to speak to her parents and they told me that my wife Said she has no problems so that is not an option for me and no close friends want to get involved. i was thinking about trying to get a court order to get her evaluated and her levels checked . So once again how to I get her to get it removed before she ruins our life's and I think one day she will realize what a mistake she has made but I'm trying to avoid that before the divorce is final and be a loving husband and family again . I truly believe this Mirena is causeing the devil inside of her . I just want to save my marriage and get my family back. Thanks


Michelle - posted on 08/25/2015




It's very hard to read all of that without punctuation and sentences but I read about half of it.
The Mirena is linked to a lot of irrational feelings and some women even had the feeling they wanted to kill their children.
I would encourage you get someone to have a good talk to her. Maybe even one of your friends (that she trusts as well) that are in the medical profession.
In my opinion, she needs it out but you can't force her to get it done. You are the enemy at the moment and if you keep bringing it up she will keep fighting you.

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