Will holding my 12 month girl prevent her from trying to walk?

Claudia - posted on 10/16/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well she wasn't like this at all before my boyfriend left. She used to walk, crawl, stand was so full of life basically. Every since he left I've been picking her up every time she cried. Now its like she doesn't want me to sit her down, I tried to teach her holding her, letting her stand on things, let her use the walker but nothing she freaks out like she's afraid. I would put her down with a lot of toys that she likes and nothing freaks out like the carpet is hot lava. So I pick her up!!! what do I do???


Michelle - posted on 10/16/2013




You stop picking her up. She has learned that when she screams she gets what she wants. You are setting yourself up for a lot of tantrums during the toddler years if this is what she's doing now.
Just because you are a single parent doesn't mean you can't discipline your child. I was single with 2 children for many years and they had boundaries and discipline.


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