will my babys father come around ?

Breanna - posted on 08/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




im 5 1/2 months pregnant due in december. my babys father and i broke up 3 weeks ago, before we both knew iwas pregnant. he started seeing someone else right away, after being together for 2 years. now that he knows im pregnant, he keeps playing games. he says he wants to be a family 1 day, then the next he hates me and we'll never be a family. he told me that he made up talking to this new girl, to make me mad then spent a week at my house acting like we were back together. as soon as he went home, his mom told me he was with her. she added me on facebook while he was here and ihad her call me, because obviously there was things we needed to talk about. itold her we were sleeping together, he said he made her up & of course he wouldnt get on the phone with her to say anything. he just texted her saying he couldnt talk to her anymore. then left and went back to her. he continues to text me sometimes saying he wants to be a family, or he wants to live with me & his son, and that if we wanted tomove he would come with us. so what is stopping him from actually being a family with us? im not going to lie, ilove him but im not going to put up with the games. the girl obviously knows that me & him are going to be a part of eachothers life, and if she wants to deal with him sleeping here and saying all these things to me when hes not with her, iguess thats on her. but its really starting to stress me out and i know thats not healthy for my son. i feel like hes going to change once our son is born but im not going to continue to let him walk all over me.

what should i do? :(


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Amy - posted on 08/26/2012




Move on and build up your self confidence. No one should be treated that way and you keep believing what he's telling you. Don't keep him from your son but you don't have to subject yourself to him. Tell him if he wants to be part of your sons life you will contact him when his son is born and you will set up a visitation schedule, other than that you will not be contacting him and would appreciate if he stopped contacting you.

Kristin - posted on 08/26/2012




Sounds like you guys are young. he's not going to change once ur son arrives. the behavior he I'd showing now is what he will be acting like later. he's going to be in and out of ur sons life. you have to decide if you want him in or out. not back and forth.

seems like he needs to think about if he wants you or her. not both. but even if he chooses you, be aware.

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