will my daughter drink formula after drinking apple juice? (6 months)

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I am concerned that if i give her apple juice she wont drink her formula becase i am having an isue with her eating her formula after i have started her on cereal she only wants to be spoon fed? Will apple juice do the same to her?


Jodi - posted on 12/05/2010




I'm with Teresa and Amanda. Apple juice has no health benefits and is totally unnecessary, so I'd just go with the water.

Firebird - posted on 12/05/2010




I didn't bother giving my daughter juice until she was about 11 months old. I would suggest you just save your money and give baby some fruit instead. Juice gets expensive and doesn't provide any health benefits. However, if you insist on giving her juice at such a young age, limit it to one cup a day and make sure that one cup is half juice-half water. You don't want the sugar in that juice to give your baby diarrhea.

Amanda - posted on 12/05/2010




I agree with Teresa apple juice is never needed for any child at any age. I would give a 6 month old a bottle of water instead of apple juice.

Apple juice has no health benfits for children, only down falls, Ie to much sugar, can cause cavaties.


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Christi - posted on 12/06/2010




If your doctor told you to give your child applejuice then don't worry about it. We were always told that if we gave him apple juice to water it down because of the sugar content. The only times he was given apple juice was if he was constipated. We were also told that if you watch your child while you are feeding them that you can put rice cereal into their bottles. Alot of people freak out over it because children have choked because they were not being properly supervised while eating, which why you wouldn't watch a child eating I don't know. Just ask your pediatrican, they are a better judge of what to do for your child than anyone else.

Laura - posted on 12/06/2010




For starters, avoid giving your baby fruit juice: As others have stated, it does not provide any nutritional benefits (but does provide LOTS of empty calories) AND can lead to cavities and gum disease. As Joanna mentioned, if you choose to give your baby juice, mix it half and half with water and limit it it one cup (8 oz.) per day. Make sure to rinse or wipe the teeth and gums afterwards.

If you stick to the formula (which you probably should anyway), try staggering her feedings. Give her cereal and other baby foods as her main meals, then, as was suggested in a previous post, give her her bottle an hour or two later. Don't worry about the bottle needing to be given at a meal--it will work just as well as a mid-morning or afternoon "snack". The important thing to remember is that your baby is offered healthy foods regularly throughout the day.

One final point to consider: Babies' appetites change during growth spurts and slow downs AND with teething! Do not panic if your daughter's eating habits suddenly change! Teething can cause painful gums which make eating uncomfortable--for this problem use Orajel and an infant pain reliever. Keep offering your daughter her regular food but don't be suprised if she doesn't really want it. Don't worry, she won't starve! The same goes for growth "slow downs": Just as babies eat like crazy during a growth "spurt", they can stop eating a lot when they enter a groth "slow down". Just offer the food and bottles (don't force it) and be done with it. Children are much better than adults at eating what they need and no more. Hope this helps and good luck!

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I agree with the others that juice isn't really necessary and if your kid doesn't want milk after food then wait 2 hours and give it or cut down the amount of food they're having because milk is way more important at 7 months.

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Formula/breastmilk is the main source of a babies nutrtion for at least the first year of their life. Apple juice, even juice made esp for babies, will not provide the same nutrtion as formula/breastmilk. I've tried giving my daughter watered down gerber juice in a sippy cup and she hates it. Although I don't know if its the juice she hates or the sippy cup lol

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I feed my son apple juice and he is 6 months. You can give him juice 1 hour after morning formula. They wil be more pleasant to take t up.

Bonnie - posted on 12/04/2010




I gave my boys apple juice at around 7 months and didn't seem to have any problems.

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I don't know, but apple juice at her age is completely unnecessary (unnecessary at any age actually) so if you're worried about it.... just don't do it. :)

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