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Tilana - posted on 04/18/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi All . I have a 2yr/5 month old boy and also expecting my second one , almost 5 month pregnant , i would like to know does the Tantrums stop after 2 or get better as I had a rough weekend with my 2yr old he only wants his way (Libra star sign ) ;-)

Any advice or help would really be helpful .



Sarah - posted on 04/18/2016




I don't buy into the whole astrology bit as a 2 year old is stubborn by nature. Tantrums are like campfires, if you keep feeding them with fuel, they keep burning; neglect it and it goes out. When your toddler pitches a fit, ignore him, move to another room, make no verbal or eye contact and let him scream his brains out. The only place I don't apply this rule is church, restaurants and the library. If he collapses in a heap on the floor of a store because you won't but him something or he isn't getting his way; just ignore the stare and let him burn himself out. Negative attention is still attention and that is what he craves; so be sure to spend extra time with him each day and start talking about the baby and how you are counting on him to be such a good big brother.


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Dove - posted on 04/18/2016




In my experience w/ kids (mom of 3 and have been doing childcare for 22 years)... 3 is typically worse than 2, but it also depends on the child. How often and how bad a child throws a tantrum depends on many factors. Some kids will only throw a few random fits... and some kids throw fits daily for YEARS (I had one of those...).

Be firm, but gentle. Patient, but consistent. Ignore the tantrums that you can w/out necessarily ignoring the child (carry on as if he's still there, but not screaming his head off). Time alone in his room when he is freaking out can help. Some kids need comfort from a calm adult in order to settle down because coming down from such strong emotions is a hard thing to do. Not giving in to what he is not allowed to have while distracting him w/ something he can have can also work.

I have given you a variety of tips that have all worked for me at one time or another. The first two sentences are important no matter what other strategy you use. You will figure out what works best for you and your child. :)

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