Will the courts question my legal and physical custody?

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Hi Ladies,

My husband and I recently filed jointly for a divorce in Minnesota. We have a 2 year old daughter and have been married almost three years. My husband has agreed to give me sole legal and sole physical custody and pay the suggested amount from the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines. We are reserving his parenting time for now. We are in full agreement, however I'm just wondering if anyone had a similar agreement in their divorce? I'm really nervous of course about everything and genuinely appreciate your answers.


Ev - posted on 08/23/2016




Well, it will depend on the laws where you live and what the judge may or may not agree too. If you do this out of the court room in an agreeable fashion, the judge may just sign off on it. It is better to be in agreement anyhow. My ex and I agreed to the divorce and terms of custody out of the court room the actual date of our court hearing. I live in Arkansas. We also had an ad leitum for the kids who was there and she was asked if she agreed with our agreement we had come to. With both our doing this out of court and the agreement of the judge and ad lietem for the kids we got our request granted. I had been offered joint custody with dad as primary by he and his lawyer. It had nothing to do with my fitness as a parent but I agreed only because he was willing to fight me tooth and nail as much as he could and also because I did not want the kids to suffer more than they had.

Can I ask why you are reserving the father's parenting time and if he is getting any at all?

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