Will the heart ache ever stop from loss of my baby? Need advice.

Breanna - posted on 10/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




At the end of my senior year, right after my senior ball I came to find out I was expecting with my high school sweet heart. I was scared & happy at the same time. While I was pregnant I was horribly sick. I threw up everything I put into my mouth even water. The pounds were dropping like crazy, and every day I got weaker & weaker. My hair was dull, my skin was pale & people started noticing my bones. I was so confused? I should've been gaining weight right? Not losing so much rapidly. All the pain & suffering I was in meant nothing to the little person growing inside me. I loved every moment being pregnant, I loved holding my tummy and hearing his or hers heart beat. (I felt as if it was a little boy). I fell in love. I never felt so much love & happiness in my life. All I wanted to be was healthy so I can enjoy the days to come....but it only got worse. And soon enough I lost my precious baby. Worst experience of my life, oh the pain. This happened about a year and a half ago and to this day I still cry. I feel this hallowness in my womb & an ache in my heart. I still feel pain in my heart from this lost. Why wasn't I good enough to carry my child? Why do I still feel this pain inside me? What can I do to over come loss of a child? Please kind words will help me alot.


Elizabeth Kathryn - posted on 10/23/2013




When I got pregnant I was so Happy. I was sick as Hell throwing up all the time always pale. Couldn't eat a thing . The toilet was my best friend . Everything was great till one day I didn't feel the baby move the next morning when I woke up to pee there was blood every where. I knew what was happening. I could not stop crying . I went in for an Emergancy DNC . What I wasn't prepared for was the physical emptiness I felt after wards . I
cried and cried , I felt broken and I didn't
know how to put myself together. I have a
very good relationship with my OBGYN
and was diagnosed with postpartum depression . My Dr prescribe me an anti depressant . It helped a lot . I was finally able to go back to wrk. I cried a lot .I was in counseling for 8 months. I was pissed off at God ! I didn't understand why me! But then a lady at Church told me to take a
copy of the Ultra sound , burn it . put the ashes in a box and to allow my self to
grieve . And it gave me a chance to say good bye. I told the baby I love them . I will never forget them and they are always
with me. My pastor my mom and dad were there and my husband parents . We let the ashes go in the ocean . Mind you I did this like a year after I lost my little one. But it help me so much. I felt like I could let my little one go. And now there in heaven waiting for me.
I just have an extra Guarding angel now. Hope that' helps honey. I'm sorry for your loss. I still cry ! It just means your a good Mommy and that you have a heart!
I have a boy and a girl now it just makes you more thankful when you have a baby.

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