With a very independent 13 year old daughter, How do I keep a level head and heart with out going crazy?

Jessica - posted on 07/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter, Pheonix, is probably one of the most AMAZING gifts I have ever received. Even as a toddler Phe was very independent and just HAD to figure things out on her own. Now, it's getting harder to feel O.K. letting her do things this way. I know in my heart she will make the right choices, mainly because she's so worried about her own future and Phe knows my story of being a young mother. I guess what my main issues would be are the fact that she IS growing up. I cry every time she hits a milestone. Her 1st period, every time she brings home another award... I am just so proud!

Pheonix is hitting that age where her friends are more important to her. We've all been through it ourselves growing up, but when she says " Mom, you're too protective over me, take it easy." how do I let her know the world isn't like when I was a kid? How do I tell her that the boy she thinks is"hot" usually doesn't want to know her mind and personality, but only her body? (Which, by the way, is way more devloped than mine was at 13.) >Sigh< I know Phe will be ok, but I worry so much.... Thoughts???


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