women unable to take any hormonal birth control

Monica - posted on 08/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have six children who I love, but I wish I could have been like so many other women able to pop a pill or take the shot... I have been placed on so many different pills, had depo, the nuvaring and all I got was constant bleeding. That in it self is a man deterant and birth control. No man wants red wings for months. The dam bloody mess it makes. I was on noraplant after my twins were born. I loved it for that great 5 years. I bleed once a year, no weight gain or any other symptoms. Then they pulled it off market cause of sue happy lawyers. . Now there is IUD or Merana, but those are next on the chopping block cause they move and are dangerous.. needing a lot of surgical removals from embedded and traveling... Dont want that... I want to keep my fertility. Possibly more children but not now.. I read of one called implanon for three years implanted in your arm, going to check it out. If its like noraplant I will be in love... But as far as doctors giving me all kinds if different birth control pills, shots and nuvaring that all made me bleed and made me feel like a test animal, also like I was a freak cause other women could take with no problem. I'm just done and tired of bleeding. I want to have my body the way its ment to be.. so if I can't get the implant, it will have to be condoms withdraw, and sponges with contraceptive jell


Michelle - posted on 08/24/2013




Well I tried the Implanon ans bled for 6 months until I made them take it out. If you don't do well on hormonal contraceptives then I don't see Implanon working for you.
Stick to condoms with spermacide.

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