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Hey, My Son Has Been Potty Trained For Over A Year Now But He Refuses To Poo In The Toilet, I've Tried Everything From Chocolate To Days Out But He Wont, He Just Screams, I've Put Him There For About 20 Minutes And He's Just Cried The Whole Time, The Only Time He Does A Poo Is When He Wakes Up First Thing In His Pull Up Without Me Knowing, But He Can Go Without a Poo For About Three Days And Makes Himself Constipated :S Has Anyone Else Been Through This That Has Advice How To Get Him Out Of It Thanks x


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Thanks For Your Reply, I Do All That, I Ask Him Every Time He Goes For A Wee If He Needs A Poo, He Sits On And Pushes But He Won't Do The Full Poo, :( I'm Just Gonna Let Him Do It In His Own Time, Thanks x

Ariana - posted on 01/03/2013




At this point you have to give up the power struggle. If he's refusing to poo give him a diaper to poo in if that's what he wants. Let him go in his pull up if that's what he wants.

Try to give him lots of liquids and encourage him when he pees in the toilet, you can also remind him that he can use the toilet to poo if he wants, but he doesn't have to. Is it possible he's uncomfortable or scared on the toilet somehow? Can you try to get him to poo on a potty where it's lower and his feet can touch the ground?

I would really just take the battle out of this, for at least a month, and then try some things again. Until that point let him poo in a pull up, or get a pull up if he needs one. You don't want him getting sick because he's holding it in and you can't win this type of battle, so just allow him to do what he wants with his body until he's ready to use the toilet.

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