Won't pull himself up to stand and stands on tippy toes.

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My son is 9 months and first of all he seem to want to stand when held, secondly when he does stand its on his tippy toes, thirdly he doesn't pull him self up to stand. Is this normal or any suggestions? Thanks


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Jenni - posted on 03/03/2012




My youngest didn't even crawl until closer to 10 months when my older two were walking. She didn't pull herself to stand until 11 months and took her first steps at 13 months. Walked regularly closer to 15 months. All totally normal. The range of average in which children reach their milestones is pretty large. For example; walking can be achieved anywhere between 9-18 months and still be totally normal.

My older two were pulling to stand at 9 months and cruising but they would be considered "very early" to reach those milestones.

As for wanting to stand when being held. That's great, he's just practicing. I wouldn't be concerned about him standing on his tip toes.

Elfrieda - posted on 03/03/2012




My baby had just learned to crawl at this stage. There was no pulling up to stand until a few months later. Just have patience, and if you want my opinion, don't get him used to walking with your fingers. You'll save your back if he thinks it's only something that grandparents do. ;)

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