Wondering if i could be pregnant.. I really wish to be.

Shay - posted on 04/18/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok.. First and foremost, my tubes were tied nearly 6 years ago. Last month i had my period the first week of the month and then again at the very end of the month and it was short and not super heavy and ended the second day of this month, which is early for me. For the last week i have been feeling soreness in my breast and cramping, but my periods not on or due yet. cramping all around my lower stomach and i feel it in my back, it feels like my period will start but it hasn't. I've only had discharge that i keep thinking is my period but its not. I took a pregnancy test but it was negative, but i was told it could be due to the fact that either, its still too early, or because i had like two cups of coffee right before and pee'd like twice after that before taking the test, i don't know but my husband suggested waiting another couple of weeks.. When i saw the negative i cried but i just FEEL like I'm pregnant.. As silly as that may sound.. I know what i have been feeling. And even had a dream last night that i was shopping for baby items. Maybe I am being silly or it's all in my head? Could someone shed light on any of what i said for me..?


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Sarah - posted on 04/19/2016




The pain you felt could have been due to ovulation, but even if you ovulated it is not likely you would conceive. If you are still in baby-making age and desire more children why did you have a tubal ligation 6 years ago? Not judging just curious of your motivation at the time. Go talk to your doctor, Get pregnancy either ruled in or ruled out. Then, start discussing your options. If the doctor feels you could conceive with a reversal of the tubal, then do it; otherwise you could have an egg harvest, fertilize in vitro with your partner's sperm and then have it implanted in your uterus. This is a costly choice, so be prepare for that. If it is a child you desire you can adopt. Clarify your current issue; if you are pregnant the is a high risk of ectopic and you don't want to ignore that. Keep us posted.

Raye - posted on 04/19/2016




I agree with Michelle, that it's most likely not pregnancy. But, on the off chance that you are pregnant, there would be a very high risk of ectopic pregnancy, and you should be checked out by a doctor. I had tubal ligation with the Filshie clips, and from what I've read they seem to have a tendency to come off after 5-10 years. Usually there's enough scar tissue that it still blocks the tube, however sometimes there's a hole big enough for the little swimmers to get through. But the human egg is 30 times bigger, and can't always make it past the scar tissue into the womb, leading to ectopic pregnancy. Also, if one or both clips fall off, it/they could be moving around inside and causing any number of weird symptoms to occur. So, it's best to go see a doctor.

Michelle - posted on 04/18/2016




Have you had a reversal of the tubal ligation? If not then it's unlikely as it's a permanent form of birth control.
Go and see your doctor as it could be a number of things, not just pregnancy.

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