Wondering if my 12 year old stepson's mother is emotionally abusing him.

Kandice - posted on 10/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 12 year old step son, and his 4 year old sister live with his dad, my husband, my 2 daughter 12 and 16 and our 1 year old baby together. We live in Florida, and she lives in Alabama. There have been quite a few subtle signs to me that she is emotionally "not right." Well last Friday she came for a one night visit, after not seeing her kids since April. My 12 year old step ston had grown his hair into that shaggy, old Justin Beiber type hairstyle. He loved it. His father and I both in the last month had asked him if he wanted a trim, he said no...wanted it shaggier. It looked cute on him. Anyway, his mother comes into town. Immediately she seemed weird. Well she brings him back, she got his hair cut really short. He said he wanted it but was acting strange, couldn't even make eye contact with us. Said his stomach hurt, went and laid down. He said he was sleepy the next day bc in the hotel they were up at 2 am talking. He was saying things that seemed directly from her. Here in Miami there are a lot of cuban americans. Lots of out of the blue put downs about that. Ok I need to get to the point. Well the four year old told my husband this morning, that when her Mom was down they were laughing at her brothers hair, her Mom, her 17 year old sister and her. She said her Mom was saying his hair looked bad, and he looked like a girl. That boys don't have hair like that. To me that is MEAN. She is overweight, and has told my husnand on the phone that their kids are fat. His son and daughter are not overweight at all, but her daughter from another man is overweight. She seems to direct a lot of negativity to the kids. I don't know what to do. There are a lot of things I could list, this is just most recent. Opinions, advice?

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