Wondering what a good age is to start my daughter on birth control as she is not sexually active at this time but I feel it may be coming soon

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My 12 y/o daughter lives with her father and she and I have a very close relationship and have discussed sex multiple times. She has now had her period for the last 2 years and I was wondering when a good time would be to start her on birth control? Outside of calling her Dr. I know her father's first daughter had a child very young and is doing very well for herself but I DO NOT want to find my daughter in the same boat. The boy my daughter sees in school as her boyfriend is sexually active. However, my ex husband and myself do not allow them to spend time alone anywhere else. I was just wondering when the appropriate time is for a PAP smear and birth control as I cannot remember when I went through all of this. My mom never taught me any of this so I was on my own. I still managed to graduate high school and get married before having my two children. I just can't seem to remember that far back! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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If she has an interest in being sexually active then bc is proper. She is very young to for sex though. I had a bf at 12 the most we held hands, but didn't have my first "real" boyfriend until I was 17. Personally I believe at a young age hormonal birth controls are not a good idea since her body is still trying to get everything working and bc might mess it up. Extended bc use also causes problems later in life. My friend was on they for 12 years and is now having fertility issues. Also if she is on bc they lose motivation to use condoms. Condoms are much safer for her since they will help stop stds and stis, which should always be a concern. If she is considering sex then talk to her about how important condoms are on more levels than just stopping pregnancy. I never had a pap smear until I was 19.

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