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My daughter will be one in 5 days and I was just wondering is there an appropriate amount of words that she should be saying? She is very active and more interested in other things than sitting down and looking at a book, let a lone sit long enough for me to read it to her. She is great with words and associates but she doesn't say too much but a bunch of babble and jibbersish but nothing too clear. The only things she will say is mama, dada, ba ba, hey, hi, bal (for ball), bu bu bu bu(singing the bubble guppies show song). If I say wheres your pig, she knows to go get her stuffed animal pig or if I say wheres daddy when hes not here she points to the door knowing he will be home. Also if I say wheres briony (my daughers name) she knows to put a blanket over her head and play peek-a-boo and she also knows what give kisses means too. Also she knows knows if I make a monkey noise like curious george she knows what I am talking about and will move her hand in the motion that george does in one of his shows.

I was just wondering if this is good for her age or should she be doing more? She loves the outdoors and to explore, she is very curious. I didn't know if some babies are more active than they talk and if she will eventually come around?


Anaquita - posted on 10/16/2012




Each kid is different in how they develop, when and how much they talk. Most milestones in talking are measured around the 2 year mark, and less at the one year. Here's the thing though, she's understanding what you say, and ask of her, on top of the few words she knows. She's fine, and where she, personally, needs to be at.

Keep talking, reading, and explaining things to her, and before you know it, you'll be asking "Can you be quiet for just 2 minutes, please?" ;)

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