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I have a a 5 month old baby and I want to work?? But want to work from as I dont want to miss anything?? Any ideas??


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I think everyone wants that, and unfortunately, there are very few legitimate options out there. It is also difficult to make suggestions without knowing what your educational and career background is. What is your degree in? What fields have you been successful in thus far?

Most women I know who telecommute were well established in their careers and had already worked out telecommuting arrangements with their employers before their babies were born. I know a couple of journalists and a "ghost writer" (I think she has the COOLEST JOB EVER!! She helps famous people write their autobiographies) who work from home. I also know a couple of moms who work in advertising who work from home, but I'm not sure exactly what they do. I also know a lady who does medical billing for her husband's practice mostly from their home, but I don't know that she'd have that job if she weren't married to a partner in the practice.

I own an office building that I lease to commercial tenants. It takes very little time to run it because I use a property management company, but it does require a bit of an investment to start out....and I don't make nearly as much as my ghost writer friend :(
In the past, I owned a web based company. It was VERY demanding the first couple of years, but by the time J was born, I had it established enough to hire a manager to take my place at the office and only had to go in once or twice a week, and since I owned it, I could bring J with me.

All in all, I think the easiest options are freelance work, or working in your own company if you are not already established with an employer who is willing to work something out with you.


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Ask this in the work from home community as we don't allow people to advertise their business/company here and a question like this just encourages them.
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