Work/Daycare/Sleep Training/Better Life?!

Tess - posted on 07/20/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Here is my life... Need advice

Single mother (by choice) I have no family or friends to help me with her. Her father is an alcoholic so I didn't stay with them. Left when my daughter was 4 weeks old when he attempted suicide.... I walked.

My 10 month old. She co -sleeps but has been sleeping less and less and completely out of tune with me. Bed time has become a nightmare. (Fully aware it's my own fault) I am on social assistance, but ready to get off it. I am on my way to getting her all set up in day care. I am getting a crib, and preparing to put her in her own room.

I will work full time. To continute to keep the bills paid and financially stay afloat.
Pray to god I get subsidy becuase I will only be making minimum wage, day care is costly.

Do you guys think Day Care will tire her out so making the transition from MY bed to her own will be less difficult? Am I jumping from the pot -to -frying pan? I am nervous as this has been a great struggle from the moment I realized I was pregnant.

I got a counsellor finally to help deal with the abuse from her father, and my anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Do you think this could be a better solution ? Or should I just stay on social assistance? Do the cry out method and go to school

Please.... Any advice is needed

Single mom.

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