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Stacey - posted on 05/07/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a mother of 2 daughters, 6 and 9. I'm looking for work from home opportunity. any suggestions?? there are so many scams. I dont know which is legit and not...


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Becky - posted on 05/07/2015




I think a lot of companies in the health industry are starting telecommunications. I work with insurance billing and I'm not going to promote them cause I don't think that's allowed plus we aren't currently hiring. But I know you want to just ask that question on your interviews and medical billing and coding seem to have the highest options for that. I will say it's not easy. I had to sign a contract that my kids would not be home with me, so my 12 month old goes to grandma's while I work. And you must be able to basically be your own mini boss cause there are far too many temptations to keep you from work. And this is TO I but I'm sure any woman would understand but my favorite perk from working from home is getting to poop in privacy lol. Also anything that seems way too good to be true normally is a scam. I worked in office for 2 years before I qualified to work from home. So that's my advice is apply everywhere that's open in your field and ask for that option in the interview.

Michelle - posted on 05/07/2015




You would be better off asking this in the work from home communities as we don't allow solicitations here and a question like this just encourages them.
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