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Are there mom's who have tried to work out at some point in there daily lives? I have been trying but I am finding it hard let me know any tips you may have


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Anita - posted on 07/30/2013




I do not have the money for a gym but thanks for that idea. I like getting up early and doing my work out for 30 minutes that is a good idea. I like to work out before bed through cause I have noticed that I sleep better. My daughter does NOT attend school. I do walk fast when we go to the corner store daily.

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I work out everyday. It is much easier when my son is in school, but this is what I do now that he is home for summer (this is also close to what I did when he was a toddler).

Before he wakes in the morning, while my husband is still at home, I do a quick morning run--usually 3 miles, about 30 minutes. (In the winter, when J is in school I run after I drop him off and I can do longer runs a few times a week). My husband doesn't usually leave for work until almost 7am, so if I'm up at 5am, I have plenty of time to run, and still be back in time to make him breakfast and see him off.

I also do a fitness class everyday at my gym. I alternate between Zumba, Spinning, and Crossfit, then I lift weights for about 30 minutes after class about twice a week. My gym has childcare, so I bring J with me.

I found that it is much easier to build the habit if you exercise everyday, rather than trying to go every other day or only certain days. That said, if you plan to do heavy strength training, alternate with carido every other day so your muscles can rest and rebuild. A good rule to follow is that if your muscles are still sore from your last strength building workout, do a cardio workout instead.

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I have been working out everyday. I have free weights to use at home, a bike, a treadmill and my exercise ball. I also joined a 24 hour gym so on nights I work late I go work out after I get out. It only cost me $10 a month for the basic package so it's well worth it. If I work out at home I usually do it after the kids go to bed, or at the very least after my 3 year old is sleep.

If you don't have equipment that's ok go to Pinterest there are all sorts of exercises you can do without making an investment in equipment!

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I work out 5 days a week at the gym. I go in early in the morning and drop my daughter in the crèche after taking my son to school. I have used the gym and crèche facilities (not to the extreme I use them now) since my daughter was 4 months old.

I also have a basic gym set up (boxing bag, dumbells, skipping rope) in the garage that I can use after the kids go to bed.

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