Working at home/Earn extra cash - help!

Shantele - posted on 05/31/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello Everyone!

For 2 days now I have been browsing the internet for ways I can work at home & make extra money (Surveys/becoming a virtual assistant) but NOTHING seems to be legit. I would have no problem even selling Candles & having Candle parties or something along those lines, if needed!
I am origionally Canadian, though transferred to Italy 5yrs ago.
Can anyone HONESTLY help me, and not just post crap about filling out surveys where in the end it is ONLY to buy things??
There has to be other people in my situation! I have over 12yrs experience as an Admin. assistant/Customer Services, but still no luck with that.

Thank you!


Michelle - posted on 05/31/2014




You would be better off asking this in the work from home communities as we don't allow solicitations here and a question like this just encourages them.

WtCoM Mod.

ETA: Have you ever wondered why everyone doesn't work from home if it was easy to find a job that paid enough to be able to stay at home? Really, unless you start up your own business and it takes off you would need to work outside the home.


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Sarah - posted on 07/10/2014




I am currently a stay at home mom. I started couponing while on maternity leave, which has saved my family hundreds of dollars. Also, taking survey online, there are a lot of great websites for that. Here's a few:

they are all 100% legit and I have earned extra cash from all three of those sites :)

Shantele - posted on 06/01/2014




Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your reply! It was what I had thought too, but then at the same time, I thought because there may be other mothers in the same situation as me, I would try.

Thank you again & I REALLY Love this site! It is very helpful!

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