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I am trying to figure out some options for a job that I can do from home so that I can always be there when my children need me...any suggestions?


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There really aren't any jobs that allow you to "always" be there when your children need you.....other than being a stay at home mom....and even that can be tricky sometimes if you have more than one kid.

I do know a lot of moms who work from home, including myself, but the road toward being able to work from home started long before we became pregnant.

Most of the mothers I know who work from home, or work partially from home were already well established in their careers and in high demand before they had their children. This allowed them to work out very flexible arrangements with their employers because the employer knew they'd lose them to another company if they didn't work with them. That said, even working from home, all of these mothers use some type of childcare during the day because their jobs are fairly demanding and it is impossible to get much work done if you are tending to a baby or trying to keep a toddler entertained and out of danger. Most use an in home caretaker so that mom can pop out of the office and play with the babies when she has even a small moment, and can be there immediately during an emergency, which are not options if the child is in daycare, but she doesn't spend all day tending to their needs like a sahm would.

A couple of my friends are writers. They still have to go out sometimes for meetings with editors, publishers, etc. so they use childminders for those errands, They also have to really focus on writing without interruption, so they also use a nanny at home, but again, they can pop out when they want to or need to.

I am an investor. This is probably the most flexible "at home" job because for the most part, I do not have to actually work. It did take a good deal of capital to get started, which I got from building up a business before my child was born and selling it. I also needed a VERY good business plan to show banks so that they would loan me the money I didn't have--I could not have developed that plan while watching a child, so I would have needed childcare during the year that took to create. So it was 3 or 4 years of up front work that needed to be done before I had my baby, but now it is easy. I use a property manager, whom I meet with quarterly to manage my real estate investments, and an investment broker whom I meet with monthly to manage my holdings. And that is pretty much it. I could earn a lot more if I manages both areas myself, but it would require A LOT of time, which means I'd need to put my son in childcare, and the whole point of working my bum off the 4 years before he was born was to be able to stay at home, so I just pay the managers instead of a nanny because I prefer the nanny's job to the manager's job. It's a wash.

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SOOOOO Agrees with Guest's post! The grass is always green on the other side. If you want a job then it is going to take you away from your children NO MATTER THE JOB AND NO MATTER THE PLACE. At home jobs are also often times ones you have to build up. You can't expect to get a job without putting in the PR or time to have the flexibility. NO MATTER THE JOB if you want full time pay you have to do the full time work.

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Please read the following:

This is a solicitation.

As the provided post indicates, this is not the appropriate board. Go to the 'work from home' community.

But, understand that most 'opportunities' are scams, and the best way to work from home is to get hired on by a physical company and make the arrangements to do so.

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