Working From Home Husband with Tidiness Issue Driving Me Mad!

Helen - posted on 04/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a mother to a 14 month old boy and wife to an obsessively tidy freak husband :-) Unfortunately for me he works from home and is often really annoyed that there are toys and washing up, general untidiness, which does happen during the day when you are at home with baby.

We are finding it hard to communicate and understand each other without getting angry and upset.

It's sometimes great having DH working from home (it's our own business which I am involved from an advisory perspective) from, but other times I wish he was gone 10/12/14 hrs per day as I'm the one getting 'nagged'!

I don't think he truly understands what I do in the day and I feel that as long as it's tidy shortly after DS goes to bed, that's what really matters?

Will our DS remember play time with Mommy or spotless house 100% of the time?
Also he expects a cooked lunch and if this doesn't happen thinks I'm failing at my role!

Any suggestions for a happier, balanced compromise?


Liz - posted on 04/10/2013




Find him a room in the house and tell him it's his office. He can work in there and stay in there, but if he comes out, then anything else he sees until 'going home time' is not really any of his business. If he can't deal with that, would he like it if you keep going to where he's working, looking over his shoulder and commenting about him not doing it properly?

Also, let him deal with sandwiches.

You're absolutely right that what your son will remember is the quality time spent, not whether the sink was empty of dishes. If the house is clean and tidy after he's in bed, then you're ahead of many people.

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