Working mom out of milk but still determined to regain it, help?

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Hi, I have a 4 month old baby. For the first 2-3 months I've been able to breastfeed him, but he would also get formula while I'm at work. Last month I haven't been able to pump (if anything only 1 ounce both boobs combined).

I work as a substitute teacher so I only have maybe 1 hr in the 6 hr shift to pump using a manual pump. I can't afford an electric pump and WIC only rents out pumps if you have a note from your employer stating you work 30+ hrs a week. (which I sometimes do not since I'm on a on call basis).

Should I give up? I'm determined to at least provide 4 ounces a day which is better than none at all. I've tried fenugreek tea (tastes horrible) and pills to no avail. A LLL lady mentioned eating pasta but baby still can't get much of milk out of me. Help!!!


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It is really hard to keep up your supply while working. Is it impossible?? Nope.

Pumping 1 time in a six hour period should be just fine. As soon as you get home BF baby. For the rest of the evening, anytime he needs to eat, put him on the breast. Before you leave for work, make sure you give yourself time to get a feeding in also.

You may not like this idea, but what really worked for me was 1 guiness beer a night. Something in it really helps build up supply. Do this of course when the little one is asleep and you have a span of time where you know you will not breastfeed. The next day you should notice an increase. No other alcohol does this as far as I know.

No need to pump and dump. Alcohol leaves breastmilk at the same rate as it leaves your bloodstream.

Drink TONS of water. If you smoke, quite or cut down drastically. Smoking significantly decreases supply.

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