Working retail management mom. Need help with meals for my 1 year old

Shannon Marie - posted on 10/19/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just turned 1 and I work in retail management. I work 1:30-10's, 2:30-11's, 7:30-4's, 9-5:30's, and so on, different days of the week. No consistent schedule. I'm finding it hard to figure how to plan for meals for my son and husband, who doesn't/can't cook. I need advise from moms who work wonky schedules like I do!


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Raye - posted on 10/19/2015




If you're in retail "management" why is your schedule so bad. You should be able to choose a schedule that is more consistent. Maybe you need to talk to your staff to set schedules that they can work with and allow you to plan better.

MaryAnn gave great suggestions. Crock-pot meals are very handy. Premade meals portioned out in containers in the fridge are good too. Sandwiches are always easy to fix. Hubby should try to do a little bit if he wants to eat.

MaryAnn - posted on 10/19/2015




Do you have a slow cooker? You can find recipes for just about anything in a slow cooker on the internet.
Most potato/rice/pasta dishes can be made ahead of time and stored in casserole dishes in the freezer/fridge until youre ready to pop it in the oven.
Or maybe even no-cook foods. Pre slice some cheese and veggies to serve with crackers for a fun lunch... My lo LOVES hard boiled eggs... We often do up a whole dozen and when shes hungry she asks for help deshelling them. Deli meat sandwiches?

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