Worried about 5 yr old DD's behaviour

Angela - posted on 08/27/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




DD is normally a happy, head-strong, 5 yr old little girl but when she’s alone she has taken to hanging off the beds or couches. And by hanging off, I don’t mean draped over the bed, head down, enjoying being upside down. She holds on like she’s doing a chin-up and curls her legs up so she’s not touching the ground and then stays like that until she’s drenched in sweat to the point that her whole hair is wet and her clothes clinging to her. If she gets too tired, she drops to the ground, then starts again.

I asked her why she does it, she just couldn’t tell me. I’m sure her little 5 yr old brain hasn’t come up with a ‘why’ just yet. She just likes it.

Last night after she was found clinging to the side of the couch for dear life, we asked her again what she liked about it, she said that the couch leaves marks on her arms (the marks of the material pressed against her skin).

I don’t mind the idea of her wanting to hang off things, I remember climbing up door frames and staying at the top for as long as I could.

I don’t mind her exersizing, praciticing what she learned at school. It’s just weird that she’s hanging off the furniture until she’s drenched in sweat. She even bruised her leg really badly from clinging on so hard.

I guess I see this as quite obsessive type behaviour, and seeing my husband being borderline (sometimes one side of the border, sometimes the other) OCD, it worries me that DD acts this way now. I was talking to DH about it last night for the first time, although I’ve personally caught her out about 6 or 7 times now. He says she’s just got a lot of energy and is burning it up in the only way she knows how. He thinks she will be better next year when she starts school fulltime and will only have energy to eat and sleep when she gets home from school.

I personally think that while being at school all day may mean she doesn’t have the energy to go hanging off the furniture, that doesn’t change the underlying behaviour.

What do you think? Should I be concerned?

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