worried about my DD-20 months old

Sadhana - posted on 07/21/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




DD is 20 months and says nearly 50 words. She says mama and papa on asking her. She asks for water only on seeing the bottle. (Verbally says water but on asking only) she screams a lot and becomes hyper on seeing other kids and totally goes out of control. Cudddles me. And when we are on the journey she points to show bus, car but doesnt look at me always.Doeant eat well but doesnt have any problems with the texture. Toe walks but not always. Responds to name like 7/10 times.plays peekaboo and turn taking games well. pretends to feed her doll eat from a plate.Follows few commands only not all. She hums her rhymes and says one to ten. Identifies no.s and all. She understands my mood like anger sadness and happiness.. the things dat worry the most are -she screams a lot and has a deep and loud voice. It gets frustrating to both of us when she does that. -doesnt ask for food or anything by pointing(points at objects in the book and few common objects) -doesnt call us though she knows who is her mom and dad. -she doesnt realise dat her dad is not at home. If i ask her as to where he is she shows his photo and says papa -she hums rhymes or making sounds.. shows very little joint attention but gives eye contact and wants me around always. -if im not home looks for me but doesnt ask with the person she is as to where iz mom. :( -shows a lot of fear to different things like battery operated toys, sometimes calling bell, doesnt sit on her rides, scared of swing, scared of some moving toys.. -doesnt have the possesiveness towrds her toys .. anyone can use it and she is fine(i mean its a good if she is sharing it but my fear is if she knows or not that its hers). - i can carry any child and she doesnt show any insecurity :( (unsure if all this is fine) -doesnt say if she has pooped.. She walked at 10 months and always was on schedule with other developments. She has not regressed in any area. She is very careful while playing and doesnt hurt herself much. She loves music.
I take her to an SLP who sees her twice a week. DD is quite calm and attention span is better with slp. But the two and fro communication isnt coming there yet.
Sorry for such a long one. As im totally unsure of what is going on .can someone please share your thoughts on what do you think this can be and what i can do?

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