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Claudia - posted on 06/07/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, I live in Ohio and I am pregnant in my third trimester. My ex boyfriend who emotionally abused me, abandoned me and never has helped me economically. He wanted to go to my medical visits but everytime we talked he was aggressive and disrespectful so I stayed away for my inner peace. Now he talks about co-parenting together, although he does not want to support me economically, and he is just a dominant, mentally unstable person, who smokes marihuana, and have very shady friends. I have been crying my eyes out, full anxiety and guilt that my current emotional estate can affect my baby. Do I have any rights?, any mechanisms to protect my baby and me from his abuse?. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? any advice?


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Jodi - posted on 06/07/2016




Of course you have rights. You have the same rights he does - the right to coparent the child you have together. Like Dove said, your child also has the right to know both parents, so you ARE going to have to accept that. Have a talk to a lawyer and set up custody and visitation as soon as the child is born - this will protect everyone's rights.

Dove - posted on 06/07/2016




You do not have to subject yourself to him. You have the right to be safe from his control. Your child, however, has a right to know his/her father and have a relationship w/ him.

You currently do not have to have ANY contact w/ him whatsoever as the pregnancy is about you. Once your child is born you go to court and file for custody, visitation, and child support w/ any solid evidence you have that your child would be better off w/ supervised visitations (like police reports or drug tests results).

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