Worried about my son's circumcision

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My son is 16 months old and I'm worried about his circumcision. His little penis never comes out of the foreskin. 3 different doctors have looked at and said it looks normal, but it just worries me. He was a fat baby and I've been told that he still needs to lose weight, but in ten months he's only gained 2lbs. Has anyone else dealt with this with a little boy?

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Lek - posted on 05/30/2013




My husband and me hav been studying alot on the internet about male circumcision. we did this for our own reason and now for our baby boy due next month. Our biggest frustration and sadness seems to be "common" or repeat comments on websites from parents and not really true comments also. probably the main ones are

Every circumcised penis is the same and requires no care.

we were told nothing or didnt think to look / check our sons penis after it healed.

The plastibell is best as it involves no foeskin cutting. the foreskin will fall off after 1 week like magic :)

We have seen many similar storys like yours about boys having loose circumcisions and the skin sticking or doctors not understanding or telling parents how much care a circumcision can be. I think its mainly due to how circumcisions are done now and the device used. basically "old style" circumcision was done with a gomco clamp or mogen clamp which normally removes all the foreskin leaving a very tight circumcision. now many doctors hav chosen to use the plastibell because it leaves more foreskin for the growing penis. but because of this alot of care and extra attention is needed to stop the leftover foreskin reattaching. This means pulling the penis skin back tightly to expose back to the circumcision scar and covering this whole area with vaseline at least 2 times everyday. this may need to continue until 2-3yrs old and the fat pad is gone. me and my husband both prefer a circumcised penis and for it to be done at birth. we pity and are sadnneded to see circumcised penises in boys and men deformed due to something as simple as pulling the skin back for your son after his circumcision.

During our time researching we hav found and collected alot of circumcised penis images from new born to adult showing good and bad or botched circumcisions and problems which are not easliy accessable or available.

Unfortunatly we cant sure them due to copyright but more so "naked children images". I understand this but wonder why this subject is so taboo in western culture.??

I saw my first newly circumcised penis and after healing( Besides my husband) when i started working in a daycare centre in Australia. I was surprised and interested how every boy especially the circumcised babys penises were all so different. My husband had never seen circumcised baby boys until we watched utube videos of baby boys bathing. He was also surprised but understood wot i had been trying to tell him. i feel and hope more truthful education about circumcision is given or available to new parents. Its too late for many boys but maybe other boys will have normal circumcised penises as parents learn.

Kim - posted on 06/23/2010




The same thing happened to my son. I was worried about it for a while but he is growing out of it. He is 17 months now and its not as bad. He has just got to lose the fat around that area. U do have to make sure that u always push it out to clean it thought I thought I was doing it good enough but around 6 months the doc did it and turned out the circumcision was growing back. Other than that it is nothing to worry about.

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my son is the same. He's 9 months old. I dont think the doctor took enough off so he doesn't look circumcized he never really has. I'm not worried about it though. I don't mind teaching him how to care for his part as if it's not circumcized. I won't get it redone now he's too old it will be tramatic and painful. So I won't do it now unless there is a medical reason or as a teenager he feels selfconscious and asks for it.

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It sounds like they could have cut a little more of the foreskin off but didn't. This happened to my husband and although it looks strange hiding in the foreskin, the penis will come out when it wants to. Ask your son's doctors about maintenance and should you pull the foreskin back when cleaning him.

Josie - posted on 06/23/2010




If the doctors are saying it's ok then it's most likely ok. Unless it gets red or is hurting him or something then I would just leave it alone.

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I'm confused. He had a circumcision... or he didn't? You say that his penis never comes out of his foreskin, but circumcision is removing the foreskin, so..... ??

Although, if 3 different doctors have told you that he's fine.... I'd tend to follow that.

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