worried about weight gain

Liana - posted on 06/06/2011 ( 21 moms have responded )




Hi all

i am 19 weeks pregnant with baby number 2

I am really concerned about gaining weight this time as last time I gained 30kg (66lbs) so far I have gained 0.8kg (1,8lb) this time which i am happy about.

What is the normal weight gain during pregnancy? and when?

please tell me about your experiences as well


Krystal - posted on 06/12/2011




I lost 6 kilos in the first 5 months of pregnancy, and only gained 8kgs. There is no "normal" weight gain for pregnancy. Its different for everyone

Melissa - posted on 06/06/2011




Average "healthy" weight gain in between 25 and 35 lbs. This is very dependent on your pre-pregnancy weight. In my experience with first pregnancy, I gained only 20. Why? Because I lost 15 first with morning sickness! I was also slightly overweight before getting pregnant. Now with pregnancy #2, I have lost 15 lbs again from morning sickness and I'm only 3 months along. Because I didn't loose all the weight from the first time, I will be monitoring my food intake closely with my doctor. (In my sister's experience, she gained 11 lbs. After delivery she weighed 20 lbs less-(amniotic fluid, placenta and baby's weight). Baby obviously gained weight while she personally lost weight.)

Biologically speaking, the HCG hormone of pregnancy causes a change in your metabolism. It tells your body to release fat and nutrient reserves on a 24 hr basis for the benefit of the growing baby. The food intake is for your own sustinence. Eat only for yourself (unless you're underweight) and be sure it's healthy food, not useless calories.

Hope that helps!
One thing I wished someone had told me is that this kind of metabolism continues after delivery for about 2-4 wks during breastfeeding. I got down to below my prepregnancy weight!!! But I FAILED to adjust my diet in the 2nd month and the weight returned slowly :(

Also, I was so ill with morning sickness that I chose not to take prenatal vitamins. I also chose not to take them while breastfeeding. After a year of BFing, I noticed I was getting more and more tired. It took getting a cold and going to the doctor to find out I was severely anemic. Doctor told me that pregnancy and BFing that long used up my personal iron stores. Taking a vitiamin protects YOU from depletion and not necessarily for the baby.


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Mary Louise - posted on 06/15/2011




I know it is different from when I had children but some weight gain is normal. If you have a healthy diet you will be fine. Just remember after the baby you need to remember to continue to eat right and you will be alright.

Pamela - posted on 06/15/2011




With each of the 3 pregnancies I have had the weight gain was different and varied. Just as our bodies vary from year to year. If you are aware of your own body rythmn and it's "feeling" then you are the BEST judge of what "feels correct". It is a bit different for all of us as we are all unique.
The way I "watched" my own body during pregnancy was by the level of energy I had on a regular basis. Though I gained less weight than have you, my body may be far different in other ways. This is what making comparisons has as a fault in my book.
For me, it was best to go by being very aware of my body and how it felt.
Hope that helps in some way. Don't compare, and PLEASE stop worrying. There's already an OVERSTOCKED on worry on planet earth! LOL!!!

Tina - posted on 06/14/2011




I was underweight when I got pregnant with my first child, by the time I was ready for the second one, I think my weight was normal, and then I had the third child and my weight added a bit more after the delivery that is and time to adjust. The concerns you have should be shared with your dr. who is guiding you through this, he/she should be able to help you to know what is best here. If you were overweight in the first place for the pregnancy to begin with, i.e. the 66 lbs. is about what I had gained too with my pregnancies. I diddn't worry about it, as I was skinny to begin with. But the weight gain that I would advise you to be concerned about is when you get past 40 years of age, and then be concerned there. But if you are really worried about it, check with your dr. they should be able to tell you what is best here. Because they are able to monitor what you have done in the past, and know better what is wise for now. Eat a balanced meal, get in the amount of exercise that you can safely handle, and since you already have one child, that should be enough. But you haven't said how old your first child is, before you are pregnant with your second child. I have had to watch how I picked up my children for the condition of my back, and learned the hard way to not over exhaust myself with the work that was done to take care of the house/meals etc. So a balance is needed, it is good to avoid caffiene, tobacco, and alcohol I had struggled with the no caffiene and I didn't do the other things. So when my first was born, and had gotten to the point of 'potty' training, she struggled with the 'chocolate factors, i.e. soda, tea/coffee, etc. ' and I was given explicit instructions to have her avoid chocolate at all costs. She still pays a price in that when she doesn't pay attention to it, now as a post college student. So she needs to remember that at each time. I don't know if your dr. had mentioned that to you or not, but I was told that and didn't listen and now she pays for it. ( stomache problems, and potential kidney problems if she doesn't drink enough fluids ). So it is serious just a word of advice there. So that is my encouragement there for you. Try to get enough exercise in, but don't get too tired, that is not good for you or for your baby. I had very healthy deliveries with all of my children, and all were good sized babies.

Sarah - posted on 06/14/2011




I gained 20 kg with my daughter, and lost the first 10 kg within a couple weeks, thank God... I lost 5 more within the next few months, and the last 5 took over a year, lol, I finally lost it all.... now trying to lose the 5 kg I put on BEFORE pregnancy, when I was on the pill, to get back down to my wedding day weight:)

Jennifer - posted on 06/14/2011




I actualy gained less on my second....40 on the first and 27 on the second... Depends on the person, their diet, etc....

Frances - posted on 06/14/2011




I watched and avoided junk food when I was pregnant also. In spite of gaining a lot of weight, my largest baby was 7 lb. 6 oz. My smallest one was 6 lb. 12 oz. I had the smallest baby when I gained 55 pounds.

Christina - posted on 06/13/2011




With the second pregnancy your body is ready. You show earlier than with your first pregnancy. I believe normal weight gain is between 25-40 lbs depending on your body size and the size of the baby. Gaining too little weight can be dangerous for the baby as its not getting the nutrients it needs. My second baby I gained 40 lbs. My third 50. Both healthy girls who are now in their twenties weighed in a 9'5 and 9'6. Yep bigguns. My main concern was that I didn't eat a lot of junk food and got plenty of exercise so that my body would regain its pre-preg shape easier. Relax, enjoy the life you're creating. God Bless:-)

Hilary - posted on 06/13/2011




I gained 12 total pounds with my pregnancy and I didn't watch what I ate or anything like that, but I did make sure that I didn't only eat junk/fast food. My baby was born completely healthy and bigger than I or the doctor expected. I think as long as your doctor isn't concerned and the baby is doing fine, you are okay. Besides, the "normal" amount of weight you need to gain is based on your body type.

Melissa - posted on 06/13/2011




normal weight gain is around 13-16 kg I think. I only gained 3kg with my first baby and she was healthy they did a scan at 36 weeks and everyone was concerned but it should she was a perfect size and was born a week early at 6 lbs 4oz, second bub I gained 17kg and weighed 7lb 11oz every pregnancy is different I woudlnt worry :)

Roberta - posted on 06/08/2011




Well it sounds like you are doing just fine. I am a grandma now and have three grown sons. When I was pregnant in the Dark Ages LOL, most Dr's didn't want you to gain more than 25-30 pounds. My first two sons were delivered by my family Dr. but my last son was delivered by an OB. She was about to retire almost and she only wanted me to gain 20 pounds. I went over but she was kind about it and teased me when I went in about eating too many treats! It wasn't treats I was eating but I was finishing off my sons supper, lunch etc. if they didn't eat everything! I think most Dr's today aren't as strict about weight gain. I think many think 30-35 pounds is healthier as you have to remember part of your weight gain isn't just about your babies weight. You end up with more fluid in your body while pregnant, there is the amniotic fluid and you are eating for two. I think most Dr's care more that you are eating properly and getting all the vitamins that you and your baby need. I always gained the most weight gain in one month between my third and fourth month which is odd. The baby isn't that big then, but I still did OK. The most I gained was 32 pounds with my last pregnancy. Why don't you talk to your midwife or Dr. if you are concerned and see what they recommend or would like to see. All the best and congradulations.

Fern - posted on 06/07/2011




The ACOG (American College of OB/GYN's) recommends basing weight gain on a woman's BMI, but here are ACOG's recommendation based on weight: underweight women gain 28–40 pounds during pregnancy; normal weight women gain 25–35 pounds; overweight women gain 15–25 pounds; and obese women gain between 11–20 pounds. You really don't need to gain much the first half of your pregnancy as long as you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. However in the second half of your pregnancy, you need to gain some in order to provide the proper nutrition for your baby.

Frances - posted on 06/07/2011




I had four pregnancies and I gained 55 pounds, 48 pounds, 47 pounds, and 45 pounds. I lost it all in six months every time, except the first time when I lost five pounds more than I gained. I never dieted, I just breastfed.
It looks like you will not gain much at all this time. You will probably weigh less a few months after birth than before you got pregnant.

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 06/07/2011




If you are already over weight (this coming from my doc and the EXACT same situation...) 15lbs. I gained exactly 65lbs with my last and have only gained 5 this time. Heck, I think I would croak if I put on that much weight again! I've been eating healthier, eating less and trying to walk a little more to balance everything out. I get hardcore munchies and opt out for things like carrot sticks and ranch dressing..... celery and peanut butter or even peanut butter on 1 slice of bread....... it sits like a log and you're so thirsty after that you can't be hungry lol Wishing you the best of luck! I'm 6 months pregnant now and the last 3 are the worst for me usually sooooooo.. lets hope you and I do good. Write me if you want, we can buddy support eachother online about staying on track? :)

[deleted account]

Depends on your size, prepregnancy weight, etc....

I was 88 pounds (I'm not even 5 feet) when I got pregnant w/ twins. I gained 42 pounds w/ them.... and lost 40 in less than 2 weeks (insane metabolism and breastfeeding twins...).

Not quite sure how much I weighed when I got pregnant w/ my son... about 95 pounds. I gained maybe 18-20 w/ him and lost it all plus some in about a month.

Don't shoot me. ;) lol

'Normal' range for a single pregnancy is 25-35 pounds.

Christy - posted on 06/06/2011




A "normal" weight gain is 25-35 lbs. However this was never normal for me. I would gain very little in the first six months and my doctor would be concerned. I'd tell him, "Don't worry, I'll put it on the last trimester." And I would put on SO much weight.

I personally think every body is different and all you can do is eat healthy, eat plenty, and exercise if you're feeling well enough to. Don't worry about your weight because it's all for the baby. About 20 lbs. drops within the week of having the baby, then give your body some recovery time and start working back into an exercise routine.

Sabra - posted on 06/06/2011




well an average baby is 6-8 pounds plus about 5 for amniotic fluid plus a few more for the placenta so I would say any less than 15 wouldn't be good. However if you are underweight to start with you might want to gain a little bit more and if you are overweight then its probably not too terrible not to gain quite as much. If you're worried about gaining to much weight keep in mind that you aren't actually eating for 2. You only need an extra 300 or so calories while pregnant.

Blackwood - posted on 06/06/2011




Every pregnancy is different. As far as how much you SHOULD gain, depends on what you started out as. I have to say I'm not the skinnest girl and I would consider myself alittle on the heavier side, but not way overweight. With my son (he is now 22 months old). I gained 35lbs, when I left the hospital I was down 30lbs and one week later down to my prepregnancy. With this pregnancy ( I am just over 21wks) I have lost 2lbs and becuz of my starting weight my doc isn't worried, however if I was smaller to begin with it may be an issue. But this time around I am running after a 22 month old, have been sick to my stomach plus I am working, So I'm sure that has alot to do with it. You shoud really speak with your doctor and really try not too put to much pressure on yourself, as long as you and baby are healthy that is what really matters.

Belinda - posted on 06/06/2011




They usually say between 30 and 40 pounds is normal weight gain over the course of your pregnancy.

Jacqui - posted on 06/06/2011




every one is different some women will put heaps of weight on an others wont put much on at all and it will happpen at different stages i wouldnt worry about it as long as you dont start loosing weight you will be fine and baby will be healthy and congrats on number 2 baby

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