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Me and my bf broke up 2 days ago he beats me he also beat me when I was pregnant our son is 2 weeks old he even beats me when I am holding my son. His mother does nothing to stop him when he hits me and he does it infront of her, she never realy liked me coz she says that I'm after his money when that's not the case I earned my own salary ... He drinks a lot he is on sea and he was on leave 4 a month he drank every singel day and a lot this usually happens every time he is on leave he has the wrong tipe of friends gansters,merchants he used to do drugs he used to and still come in contact with guns and poeple that has guns.. He drives like a maniac when drunk and that without a license he lives with parents in a ganster related area .. He threatens me swaers at me and I dnt want my son around that I'm scared when he gets back he wil want to take our son we were never maried and there is no legal papers. What can I do I'm so scared I wil never see my son . He also said that I wil not get a cent from him 4 my son


Jodi - posted on 12/09/2013




File for custody, and make sure you have evidence. If he beats you, you have a police report, right? If he beat you when you had your 2 week old in your arms, you called the police, right? Get a copy of the police reports, have those as evidence, talk to a lawyer and file in court for custody. You probably won't be able to prevent some sort of visitation, but push for supervised visitation.

With regard to him saying you will not get a cent....has he not heard of child support? File for that too.

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