WORRIED! My 14 month old son is 19.6 pounds, 29.1 inches tall - IS HE OK?

Melissa - posted on 11/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey Amazing Mommas,

I just joined this group, after seeing how terrific and supportive you are of each other. I hope you can held allay my fears!

My dear son is so little! He weighs less than 20 pounds, and is just 29.1 inches tall. He's been declining on the growth chart especially for weight, but not by a huge amount - maybe a total of 20%.

He is juuuuust starting to walk, and is into everything, always throwing a ball (or his food off his tray, don't get me started), trying to figure out how to stack or dump or fill things, or playing with his older sister.

When he was little, I think he had colic. I didn't go in for a diagnosis, but he used to cry a lot, and was fussy at the breast for about 5 months. I feel like I was constantly holding him. Then he calmed down, but is still a little bit of a complainer.

But otherwise, he is great! He loves to laugh and climb, and he enjoys food. I would say he's in a pretty good mood a lot of the time.

But I'm just worried that he's going to grow up to be so small! It's one thing if you have a cute, petite little girl - but what if my son grows up to me shorter than me! I'm 5'4, and my husband is 5'7. My doctor is talking about doing tests- oy! And she says I should stop breastfeeding, because maybe he's not getting enough calories (of course, at this age, he eats mostly food, but he still breastfeeds a few to several times a day)

What do you ladies think? Is my boy going to be teeny his whole life? Are there health concerns I should start worrying the he might have? HELP! Aaah!


Dove - posted on 11/07/2012




Ounce for ounce breast milk has more calories than pretty much any food your son could eat, so I don't think that has anything to do with his size.

Who cares if he's on the small side? As long as he is growing, healthy, and thriving... size doesn't REALLY matter. All 3 of my nephews are on the small side. The oldest is a year older than my son yet several pounds lighter (and my son is even a bit on the 'small' side).

I don't see anything wrong with doing some tests to get him checked out. After all, your doctor knows more about his medical care than anyone who's never met him. I wouldn't go worrying at this point though. Nothing wrong with a small kid. :)

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