Worrying too much when baby is sick???

Kalie - posted on 05/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello everyone. I have a question that I am curious about. I am sitting here at midnight worrying about my little guy. He has been vomitting off and on all day and now if running a slight fever. He has also been having diarrhea.

My question is when your child is sick do you get that helpless feeling? Like even though you want to make it better you can't ? Everytime Kaiden has a fever or isn't feeling well I find myself sitting up and worrying. I have a horrible habit of worrying about the worst case scenerio. I can't stand thinking about the worst case possible but it seems to creep into my mind.

His father is very la-dee-da. (sounds mean but he doesn't seem overly concerned) I want to know if I am just a worry wart or other mothers feel like this too?

Kalie ~Enjoying her long night of watching him sleep~


Mel - posted on 05/22/2009




no nothing wrong with that at all , some mums are not really the sentimental type like mine and doesnt really give one way or the other , others ive seen are really fantastic with their kids when they are sick, looking after them so well making them meals while thier in bed getting them some panadol etc. your a great mum dont doubt yourself :)

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Baby - posted on 05/08/2013




did u have PND??? I definitely did. i was very possessive over my DD... bulikt its subsiding.. however... now she has gastro intestinal infection and exactly like ur son, is pooping a mountain... and i feel AWFUL...

Anxiety creeps up and my ears feel blocked, i feel horrible like i am not capable of looking after her, im a disappointment, i dunno what im doing when everyone ard me says that im a great mom... i dont feel that way. at all... i feel lousy and down... and its hard to focus on anythin but her, i literally stay by her side.. wont walk away at all... now im learning to "wean' myself like if she is just awake and not crying, i walk away and read somethin or watch somethin funny... i give all my energy to focusin on somethin else. and i breathe... really breathe...

I dunno if urs is as severe as mine but i hope u realise u are a mom, a great one... have more faith in yourself...

P.s: do u feel the way i do???

Melissa - posted on 05/21/2009




You are a great mom you just care thre is nothing wrong with that. I am glad that you posted this I feel the exact way.

Helen - posted on 05/21/2009




Im just like you with my little girl. Sometimes i will stand and watch her sleep for ages. I dont worry as much about my 7 year old son but i still worry. It gets a bit easier but never goes away.

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