wots the best way 2 get my little girl 2 share???????

Sara - posted on 11/26/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




my little girl was 2 last month, and she hates shareing ive tried every thing. she has a older sister ov 6. My 6year old gos 2 school in th week so th little 1 has the run ov r house, with al th toys 2 her self. When my older daughter cum home from school its a nightmare my 2 year old just constantly wonts wot shes got.Some days i feel like i cant cope at tea times just dont no wot 2 do please HELP.Its also statin 2 put me off goin 2 mums and tots cos shes the same when we go there she also hits when she cant get her own way.Dont no where she gets it from as we dont hit.Any help will b very greatfull.


Cara - posted on 11/26/2010




2 can be a tough year but it can also be a fun time for both you and your daughter! Toddlers learn by example...so take this opportunity to pour into her everything you want her to learn. Teach her how to share, and then teach her again, and again. It may seem like you're getting no where but she will learn! Be gentle and patient (as much as you can!). Re-direct her when she's doing something you don't like. Encourage positive playing time between her and your other child by initiating games everyone can play together...for as long as it will last. Another suggestion would be to have your 2 year old play close to you when your other child gets home so they can both have a bit of their own space for a little while.

Find some things that are just your toddlers so that she can have some special things just to herself and then know that her other toys are for sharing but those special things are just for her.

Hang in there! Be positive. Just love her as much as you can and you will both get through these busy/frustrating/trying/learning times.

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