Would I be classified as a high risk pregnancy?

Danielle - posted on 01/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello ladies,

I am wondering what classifies as a high risk pregnancy.

I have PCOS, and conceived, (I am currently pregnant), with the fertility drug, Fermara.

In the past, I have had ovary cysts, an eptopic pregnancy, and a missed miscarriage that I had to take medication to release the pregnancy after the embryo died.

As a result, and a precaution, I have also requested to take Progesterone supplements to sustain the early pregnancy I am currently undergoing. I have read on multiple forums, and educational sites that women with PCOS often miscarry because their Progesterone hormone is not a regular production in the brain, which causes miscarriage if the hormone is to low.

I am just wondering if I should be classified as a high risk for miscarriage in my pregnancy this early on. I am about 6 weeks pregnant, and go for my first doctors appointment tomorrow.

(I was able to get Progesterone supplements by seeing a walk-in-doctor the day I got a positive test)

The reason I am concerned is because my Son is attending a 6 week evaluation program to be screened for developmental delays, and possible high functioning Autism. There has to be a parent present to attend the classes with them. The program runs Monday through Friday for two hours each morning.

My husband has agreed to take him, but I don't want to have to choose between going for my son, and staying to rest.

I have experienced some cramping, and light nausea and am not confident I want to be chasing after my toddler, and be distracted by every little twinge, and symptom of early pregnancy.

What would you do? Would you attend the classes, or would you prefer to stay home for the possible baby? I don't want to be dramatic, but every time I experience cramping I want to lay down till it passes.


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Cindy - posted on 01/11/2012




It sounds like you are at High Risk. Double check with your doctor and take it easy!!

Sarah - posted on 01/11/2012




I would speak with your doctor about your risks and activity levels. I understand your anxiety though, I also have PCOS and was terrified during both my pregnancies of having a miscarriage (especially after my twin sister miscarried - we were pregnant at the same time) when we were both 9 weeks. Certainly PCOS alone does give you a higher risk of miscarriage (some say as high as 50%), and IMO, some extra precautions should be taken. Having said that, I'm not an obstetrician and am not an expert in pregnancy. Go see your doc to get advice on medical issues. He/She will guide you in what would be safest for you. Congratulations and Good luck with your pregnancy, I hope it goes well!

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Since your first doctor's appointment is tomorrow... I'd ask your doctor. Every pregnancy is different and things going wrong one time does not mean it always will. With your history... yes, I'd be concerned. That's why you need to wait to talk to the doctor.

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