Would it be horrible if I had power of attorney to represent my boyfriend in family court?

Morgan - posted on 09/04/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




He just started a job with a new employer and recently suffered a back injury. He's been out of work as a union ironworker for almost four years. We are struggling to climb out this hole we are in of financial debt. He can't miss work but can't let his kids suffer. I work part time at home while watching our three year old and his other kids while he is at work. He wants me to have the power to make court decisions for him while he is at work or commuting but I told him it might not sit well with others. There is one child left in ex's house that he doesn't have custody of. We know they are using drugs and based on the heavy traffic in and out of the home they might be dealing drugs. Recently the younger child and teenager found drug paraphernalia and ammunition for an assault rifle in plain sight when they went inside to get some of their belongings. The teenager took pictures with a mobile phone.
The child is in immediate danger if she returns to that house after visitation. Her father will be replaced by someone else if he has to take time off from work which means if he has no income he can't support any of us. This is so scary and overwhelming. I just wish for stability for all of us and for the kids to be safe.


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Even if you were married this would not be advisable.

Jodi - posted on 09/04/2013




It won't look good if he is not turning up to court. Custody of his children is about him and his ex, not about you, so she could rightly argue that if he can't even turn up in court, clearly he does not have the time for the children and therefore not likely to be the one raising them. It could very well be viewed as not important enough for him to take the time off work.


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