Would it be weird if I went to get my son's fathers other kids and took them on outings?

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My son's father ran off too another city to be with a woman and her kids. But he left our son and his other two kids here in Kansas City, Mo he is currently in St.Louis Mo.

Well the other babies mother is here also and our relationship is not bad at all. I am actually the only woman that she has let her kids go off with but that is while their dad was with us.

Our kids are still sister and brothers and her kids are older my son is 16months and she has a 6 and 9 year old with him. She doesn't live far from me either.

Regardless of what the dad got going on do you think it would be weird for me and his other baby mama to have a relationship and me take all the kid on outings?


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Katherine - posted on 07/24/2012




not at all i have a friend who has done this and its good for all involved!

Corinne - posted on 07/24/2012




All you can do is ask. They are siblings and it would be nice for them to know each other. I would at least try to keep up visiting each other, even if she is uncomfortable with you having her kids without their Dad present, the kids would get to keep the relationship they have. Personally, I wouldn't think it weird, but I'm not the other mamma....

Elizabeth - posted on 07/24/2012




I think it would be really nice for your 16 month old to have a relationship with his older siblings. I like the idea personally.

Now if I were that woman..I don't know that I would let you take my kids out without me..so maybe she would get together with you first...I don't really know the relationship. I just don't see how you could lose though..it's a win for your child if she allows it..and if she says no..then at least you tried right?

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Carmen, if you and she have a good relationship, and both of you are ok with the idea, I think it's great that you would want to do that!

On the "up" side...it may make dad a little uncomfortable to have 2 of his exes in close communication, but you can just laugh at that...

We had a family down the way...Mom and dad were married, then divorced with 3 kids. He then married again, had 2 more kids, and divorced again. Married a 3rd time, had one more kid, and I think they're still together. The first and second wives formed an "ex-wives club" basically, for support, as he left the second one with a 4yo, and 1 yo that the 3 older kids adored, and she needed as much help as she could get to finish school and support her kids. its been almost 30 years, and other than the first wife passing away, the second & third wives are still in a good friendship, and the oldest kids absolutely adore their half sisters, to the point that they take them on vacation every summer.

My advice is go for it!

Yelena - posted on 07/24/2012




If U are in good relationship with the other woman why not let kids hang out? they are as you said brothers and sisters...WHy not make the best of it and make ur own family, Even if only kids are related. Im sure they will appreciate it later

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