Would like some advice on a 4 year old boy who just wont listen!?

Sarah - posted on 12/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi guys I was just after some advice. We have a 4 year old and he has been acting up lately. Testing us and just making life difficult! Argues back, talks back, doesn't listen at all. And ignores everything we have to say. We have spoken to him so many times, on his level and to try and get through to him, as sincere as he is when he says sorry he does it again! And when asked why didn't you do it etc his only answer is he doesn't know. He also is always bored. He has a room full of toys he won't touch unless he is in time out or when told to have a nap.....which he just sits there and doesn't sleep even when he is on the verge of passing out. He would rather sit down in silence do NOTHING then play. It's holidays now so he's home everyday and this causes problems. So many fights and me and my partner are always grumpy and just over it. Any advice would be great! Thanks.


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dont punish the child, dont yell at him. my son used to behave like that, but then i just discipline him silently. you tel him the first time to stop doing something, when he doesnt listen you take whatever it is u want him to stop using or take away something else he likes (and wont let you take). he will obviously start a crying /yelling/rolling around. just ignore (this is the hard part). you willl be tempted to give it back or comfort him. trust me he is past that stage, because a child is usuaaly dificult coz they know they always get the attention they want so they take advantage. he is old enuf, let him cry, and scream and everything, then after that tell him ''i do not like it when you do not listen coz it makes me to not 'listen' to you too''.

its magic, when i was doing this, my son would just come to me and say ''mommy, please dont sulk, i'll be a good boy'' because he thinks he pushed me on the vedge. he thinks its his fault that i wasnt a ''good mom''. nowadays he (he is 4 years too) he listens.

but i do not yell, i do not beat, i just ''sort and sulk''.


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