would like to relocate for a better life for me and child

Maxine - posted on 02/13/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Father does not want me to relocate because he feels I am taking his child away from him


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Maybe he felt like there were no real guarantees. Maybe he wants some certainty in the way of a court order. Regardless of what you agreed with him verbally, he has a right to file for a court to decide. It is possible he felt pressured into agreeing with you in some way, or he felt like he really wasn't getting a fair go.

I am assuming he pays child support? if not, you shouldn't be having to do this alone financially - you need to file for child support. This will help you being able to afford to live where you are.

The judge may or may not go your way. You have to demonstrate WITH EVIDENCE that this move will be in the best interests of your child. Do you have evidence that he originally agreed to it and then changed his mind? That could be important.

Have you asked him why he initially agreed and then changed his mind? Do you normally get along as co-parents okay?

Maxine - posted on 02/13/2014




Will i meet him back in Florida 9 years ago we now have an 8 yr old daughter, we came to New York back in 2005 due to his father being ill, I left my job, apt., and family behind. I could not have friends, family did not care for him so i could not speak to them. Since we moved to Jersey City 3 years ago we have moved 4 times and that was with 2 incomes. I have been single for the past year the cost of living is way to high for me to handle alone. I was laid off back in October, about to loss my apartment I have no friends or family to support me here, and when I discuss this with him he was fine with it, had a job, and apt a 5 star school set up for her, he said he would now be able to visit and have a nice vacation I even said i would let him stay with us while he was there told him I would give up my summers, Holiday, Spring breaks just to make sure he stayed in her life and 2 days before living he file court order and I was told i could not take her out of state. he made me think all was good and that i did not need to go to court because we would be able to work it out on our own.

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What do your court papers say? Can you move with his consent? How are you planning on continuing his contact with his child?

He's right, you are trying to take the child away from him. If you have not come up with a plan for visitation, etc, after the move, I can't blame him for thinking that way.

How far away from the child's father would you be? What are your plans to continue to allow him access to his child? Because the kid ain't just yours, after all...so until you have a solid plan in place, that has preferably been court ordered, I'd say that you need to re-think your decision.

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