Would you consider this teacher a bully?

Jennifer - posted on 06/19/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 10 year old has been attending a summer camp and today when I picked him up he was very upset. I finally got him to explain what was wrong and I was really furious. One of the adult aides in one of the classrooms had had enough of the kids being loud (my son said the kids have been out of control all week long) and told them that they had to be quiet for 5 minutes. My son is very literal, is NOT a smart alec and is VERY rules oriented. When he is nervous he gets squirmy and he said he was really afraid of getting in trouble because this aide yells at the kids constantly (after the first day of camp my son said that this teacher was not very nice and it made him really nervous and scared) - so he raised his hand and wanted to know if it was okay that he was moving around in his seat. The teacher took it that he was being a smart ass instead of a scared kid worried about getting in trouble and proceeded to say, "Okay class, everyone can now say thank you______ for making me add one more minute onto your time" and the whole class was mad and responsed, "thanks_______". My son was absolutely humiliated that the teacher got upset with him and even more mortified that the teacher got the whole class involved in singling him out. He was already on edge because yesterday one of the kids in the class came up and told him that he hated him because he always knew the answers and then made fun of the way he said his "th's" (my son has a speech impairment and has been getting therapy for years). So calling out my kid in front of the entire class for doing nothing after he had been bullied by one of the classmates lead to one very unhappy kid. In my eyes this is bullying and as an ex-teacher of 15+ years would never in my wildest dreams do this to a kid in a classroom - but I am curious what other mom's opinions are


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/19/2013




I would be addressing someone about her behavior. In fact, I would speak with her and the camp director together.

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 06/19/2013




It sounds like the teacher lost patience but I wouldn't exactly call it bullying. I never understood when teachers approach discipline in a humiliating way, and I think taking the child aside privately is much less damaging and still gets the point across. Unfortunately, your son will have to deal with teachers throughout school that are crabbier then others. I wouldn't say the teacher exactly crossed the line even though they could have handled it better. I know it's tough to see your kid upset but he will need to learn how to handle these situations bc they do happen. Now if the teacher seems to be repeadly singling him out that is when I'd have a talk with them. I got screamed at in science class bc my teacher thought I was rolling my eyes when I actually had a dry contact driving me nuts! It was humiliating ( and I never caused problems and was afraid of getting in trouble much like your son). It embarassed me but I survived and it toughed me up a little

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