Would you join in on a night of painting and partying ??

Lanie - posted on 10/25/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




OK , so me and my 10 yr old DD are moving ...in December.

My problem is ...i have to repaint the walls that i have painted blue.

But its just me ..and it took me a long time to paint as it was ...i painted my living room , and my bathroom...thats it.

I was thinking ...of having a going away party ...but with a twist...everyone get's handed a paint brush..

In return for their help in painting .... i will supply the beer /alcohol and food...

I was thinking of making a event on FB for it ...

But two things ...

1. not too sure if its a good idea , and if people would go for it...

2. not too sure how to put that on FB LOL

Do you think this is a good idea ? would you go for it ? If so ...do you have any idea's on how i would post that as an event ??

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