Would you or did you wear heels whilst you were pregnant?

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Talk to anyone who has ever been pregnant and they will tell you how they couldn’t wait to burn or throw out their maternity clothes once they had completed their family. The fact of the matter is that we end up wearing our maternity clothes soooo much that, no matter how exciting it was to buy them in the first place, we just end up hating them.

But it’s that second semester that’s really the most trying in terms of the changes to your baby-carrying body. It’s around the 14 – 20 week mark when you don’t yet really look pregnant, but your body starts developing a thick tyre around your waist and your boobs suddenly get bigger than they ever have before. No amount of sucking in your stomach can hide the fact that you suddenly look like you’ve put on a heap of weight and, if you haven’t yet told people you are pregnant then you notice them eyeing up your tight jeans thinking:

“She’s been having a few too many salt n vinegar crisps at night.”

In fact actor and author Jaquie Brown recently wrote a book with the title “I’m Not Fat, I’m Pregnant!”. Do you remember that stage? When none of your clothes fit you and you are still in denial that you have to buy maternity clothes so you start wearing your trousers with your zipper down and really long floaty tops and dresses. Your boobs are falling out of your bra and your tops, and you wear XL T-shirts to disguise the fact.

Personally, I would look in the mirror daily to see if there was any change in my body and would even start walking with my stomach stuck out, hands stroking stomach to demonstrate that I was actually pregnant, until my husband pointed out how ridiculous I looked.

Why therefore should being pregnant mean that you can’t be stylish? These days you can flick through any celebrity magazine and find photos of Posh Spice, Angelina, Britney, Beyonce or Pink strutting their pregnant designer bellies around the hip hangouts. In fact, it seems that nowadays being pregnant is the equivalent of wearing the latest Marc Jacobs. To have a belly seems to be the new vogue. Rather like sporting the latest hand-bag on your arm.

The growth of the Yummy Mummy has put a huge amount of pressure on mums to dress well during pregnancy, as opposed to pulling on any old baggy T-shirt and jogging bottoms. Who can forget how beautiful Demi Moore looked when she was pregnant? Who wasn’t envious of that beautiful pregnant body?

Personally I WAS Pregnant in Heels, spending my entire 9 months strutting around the streets of Auckland in my Marc Jacobs wedges. Of course, my legs and back ached the entire time but I couldn’t let pregnancy get in the way of vanity.

And, don’t forget that when you’re pregnant you have a cleavage to die for. Those boobs are going to be ruined soon enough so get them out and flaunt them in plunging necklines while you can. There’s a reason people refer to pregnant women as blooming after all…


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Well, to each their own. I never got big and only bought a few maternity pants. I still worked and wore whatever shoes were comfortable, sometimes heels, sometimes flip-flops. I was flat chested to begin with and didn't grow too much during pregnancy either. So no cleavage for me either. But what kind of made your post off-putting was the celebrity name-dropping and designer brand name. First of all, celebrity moms have personal trainers working with them 48 hours after birth to get their pre-pregnancy body back. And, not to mention a nanny or 2 on staff so celebrity mom can get her beauty sleep. Money is not an issue. That's not real world.

Now there is nothing wrong in the least about a pregnant mom, or ANY mom, wanting to look nice for appearance sake. Or, I don't care if she goes out looking all frumpy-pregnant or not.

I suppose the state of being pregnant shouldn't be put on a pedastal for the fashion industry to gawk on. JMO.


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I wore heels at times when I was pregnant with both and bought clothes that were stylish. I didnt spend big bucks having name brands but most maternity stores have clothes that are stylish and make you feel good.

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