Would you plan a multiple pregancy?

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We have a 2yr old and a new baby (3mths) we are planning you have more in the next few years. I needed to use clomid to have my second daughter, and it increases your change of a mulitple pregancy. I've always wanted twins. I have been wondering (if my dr agreed) to activley try for twins. Just wondering what other think, esp if they have had twins or more. Thanks.


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Clomid has only a 5-10% of releasing a 2nd egg during ovulation. Pretty small chances of resulting in multiples. But I do admit that when I was initially prescribed Clomid, the thought of multiples was exciting. But remember, the overall goal was to just get pregnant. Easy for some women, a downright struggle for others. So needed to prioritize my thinking of "I just want to get pregnant". So to answer your question honestly, No, I wouldn;t intentionally seek multiples for the health factors and risks that Jodi mentioned above.

Jodi - posted on 08/14/2011




Given multiple births are generally considered "high risk", and more frequently result in pre-term labour, premature birth, and various other complications, while the idea of twins may seem *cute*, it really shouldn't be something people actively plan for. If it happens, it happens, but nope, having had a baby who needed special care in the first weeks of her life because of her size, I wouldn't even consider actively going out of my way to increase the risk that my babies may have to go through that.

Tara - posted on 08/14/2011




If you are comfortable with it and feel you could handle multiples in addition to the two you have, then sure, I would say go for it.
Having said that, I have a friend who had twins and had the most horrible pregnancy. She was so overwhelmed after they were born she almost had to go into the hospital several times.
Me though, no, I wouldn't actively plan for multiples. I had my tubes tied after having my 2nd girl because my doctor said it would be dangerous for me to have more children. I had really bad pregnancies (pre-eclampsia with both) and bad deliveries with both girls going into distress and not breathing at first, so I wouldn't willingly risk both any new babies and myself with a multiple pregnancy.

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I wouldn't trade my girls for anything in the world, but the pregnancy was a nightmare and the first year of their lives was SO rough.... I wouldn't CHOOSE to go through that for anything. Don't get me wrong, they are a joy and a blessing, but the situation definitely wasn't planned.

Megan - posted on 08/13/2011




wow i m so happy to hear that ya want more kids. I thought so when i had two...i hav ...2 with my ex and my dh wants us to have one together. but I have not a clue Lol

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