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My daughter is 22 and she leaves at home and works. For all these years she would said I was perfect mother. My friends wish to have a mom like you. she would say. She is now dating a 19 year old who already has baby with another underage girl. He's mother is an alcoholic and he is not in school nor have a steady job. Before she would tell me that he was just a friend who she wanted to help. He would call her after 10pm asking for rides and she would go with him. Every time he is around her life she develops this bad attitude with me because I tell her he is no good for her. She got away from him for a little while and she seem ok but two weeks ago she started with her bad attitude and wouldn't answer the my calls and started coming home late or not coming at all. I talked to her and told her she was disrespecting this home and she needed to stop because it was not a good example for her sister. I found her in the room crying and I told her (HE) is around again right? First she said I don't want to talk to you about it. I hug her and told her I was there for her she finally cry even more and told me he was using her for money . two nights ago she got very mad at her dad and told me she didn't care if I agree or not and that he was her boyfriend she yelled and was very mean to us and ten minutes later she came back asking for $5.00 dollars he was waiting outside and she had hickey, to avoid even more problems I gave to her. Last night he called at 11pm if he could come in the house I told her no she was so mad she yelled at me and said I hate so much your the worse mother ever and she took of and didn't return till 4am. My husband and her have problems from many years back everything was talked and we didn't talked about it for years but now when she doesn't get her way she brings everything back. He left the house because she said it was her or him .I don't know how go with this anymore. She reacts so loud and crazy and now she mad at me because she wants him to come in the house. I told her I would not happen unless she acts like and adult and start acting different. PLZ HELP


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