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Jane - posted on 12/05/2011




There are good kids and bad kids in every school. You really have to look at the individual schools, how they deal with problems like bullying, and the attitudes of the parents who have children in the schools. This is true of both public and private schools.

Our kids went to a private school up until 3rd grade. It was a Montessori school that adhered very closely to Maria Montessori's guidelines of respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the environment, The school and all the staff worked hard to follow the way of peace. There were no bullies among the students at that school.

However, another local private school also offers a "Montessori track" but does not successfully adhere to the guidelines. It is a Catholic school, not associated with a specific church, that has a very high academic reputation but a troubling problem with drugs and fisticuffs. One of the reasons appears to be that most of the parents are very, very wealthy and have been able to get away with being bullies themselves. The kids have internalized this behavior and are relentlessly nasty to students who do not have wealthy parents. These same kids often have way more money than kids should have. The school has not been successful at countering this "class welfare" nor the one-up-manship created by kids that have too much money.

Yet a third private school is not Montessori at all, but is also run by the Catholic church, by a specific parish church. It includes a wide cross-section of the local community and has few bullies in its ranks. It deliberately offers a scholarship program to try to get a wider cross-section of students. Most of the parents are in fact members of the parish and the staff of the church and the school have known the kids since they were babies.

A fourth private Catholic school is well-known as a "last resort" school, filled with kids who have been expelled from public school and other private schools. Oddly enough, this school, run entirely by priests, has very little bullying. It is a very structured school and the staff require the students to adhere to a high level of formality. Interestingly enough, the kids who have been sent away from other schools for bullying, vandalism, drug-use and more seem to do very well there.

You have to look at the school, at the staff, at the parents whose students attend it, and at the atmosphere of the school on a case by case basis.


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Sherri - posted on 12/05/2011




Don't count on that one. Bullys and bad children I found are much higher in private school and that is from personal experience.

Kimberly - posted on 12/05/2011




Amy I didnt mean all kids that go to private school have rich parents but a fair few do, didnt mean anything by that sorry. If we send my daughter to a private school we will be doing the same, education is more important then cable

Amy - posted on 12/05/2011




I have chosen to send my son to private school (since kindergarten) so he would learn structure etc. He is in 3rd grade now. We will probably put him in public school later (after 6th grade) but that is partially up to him. As for son has not had any trouble at all but his cousin (5th grade) was bullied to the point of three kids ganged up on him hitting & kicking etc. Once the principal found out...the bullying stopped & no one was expelled so whatever he said or did worked! Just check into the school a little to get a feel for it, visit, ask what type of things would the major issues etc. Just as a side note to Kimberly we do not make a huge amount of money nor are we stuck up, we sacrifice for my son to get a better education (we do not have cable etc) so please do not assume all private school kids have rich parents

Kimberly - posted on 12/05/2011




My daughter will be going to the local public school when she starts but when high school comes around we will look at what she wants to do and who offers the best programs. As far as thinking that the 'bully's' and 'bad kids' wont be in these schools is a bit of a laugh, these schools cost a fair bit of money which usually means there parents have a fair bit, dont know too many school boards who rock the boat to hard on large donations to the school. In all the stories I have heard and seen, private schools have the same problems as public sometimes worse. There are drugs, bullying, judgement on other students etc etc. There was a story two years ago that one of the top private schools had a bunch of girls started a 'root rater' on the internet so people could go on and mark how well someone preformed in bed wethere it was true or not. This got national attention here in Australia and boy you should have it! I think either school system has there ups and downs and no school is above these problems.

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