Yesterday we drove my daughter to the college we have committed to and went out to lunch. The college is in an urban area, we are from the suburbs. While driving around I began to feel kind of anxious and sad, and by the time we got home at lunch I found myself almost in a panic and crying that my daughter is going to an urban, less safe area, and that this is a reality that she will be going. It hadn't resonated this way with me before. Daughter is excited for the college. I think I could cry becasue she's leaving...all day now..any advice?


Catalina - posted on 04/29/2012




Oh, Polly.

Do you remember leaving for college? I do.

The number one thing that made me feel sad was leaving my mom. I would lay awake and worry that she would miss me at night.

So here is my advice, fake it till you make it.

Drop your daughter off smiling and tell her how excited you are for her and how much fun she is going to have!

That way your daughter can go to college without feeling guilty or sad!

Have you ever faked being sick and actually made yourself sick? Thats how our mind works, play happy and before you know it you will be!

Just be proud that you have a raised a beautiful strong daughter who is going to college, and be thankful thats shes not pregnant and staying with a dirty boyfriend (think how much that would make you cry!)

I wish you the best!

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