Yoghurt for 6 mth old baby?

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My baby is 6 months +and has not had any food allergies yet.I was told to give cheese and yoghurt to my baby but am wondering if its safe for her.Can i also know the names of good yoghurt brands safe for babies.Also what cheese should i start her with and how?



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The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend introducing eggs, milk, or milk products (including yogurts, cheeses, and, of course, ice cream) before a baby's first birthday. If you want to introduce dairy products earlier, wait until your baby is at least 8 to 10 months old. Even then, consult with your pediatrician first. Just my opinion :) We introduced dairy at 8 months of age and he did really well with it.

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Do it as you would do for any food. Introduce it slowly and see if reaction happens. If it does, don't do it again until later (unless it's a pretty severe one then just don't). Both my girls have been eating yogurt since they were somewhere between 6-8 months old and they love it. It worked out well especially since baby food meat is gross and neither would eat it. This way, they still got their protein and some fruits mixed in too.

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I wouldn't recommend giving your baby cheese or yoghurt. The reason for this being is that both contain so much milk in it. Depending on how much you give them or how much they have it can make them sick because of the milk. But when you do want to start on yoghurt I'd give them minigo. It's super good for them and has a good intake of milk. Also the minigos aren't really big it's designed for babies small tummies :)


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My son has been eating yogurt since he was like 3 months old. He tolerates it very well and I have never had a problem..He was also a big baby though. But yogurt is definetly ok for your baby..

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Really any cheese that is aged more than a week is fine. No fresh mozzerella, feta, blue cheese, (ie soft cheeses).

I gave my daughter the gerber yogurt melts, they were kind of big so I broke them up. They can be a choking hazard if not small enough.

Since yogurt and cheese have little to any lactic acid it shouldn't cause the same problems regular milk does.

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At six months I gave my twins Stonyfield Farm YoBaby. It is made with an infants delicate system in mind. @ 6 mos my doc said the yogurt was fine as was egg yolk no whites and cheese was fine too. Cheddar cheese and all the cheeses put out by Cabot are lactose free so those would be good choices to try. However he said absolutely no milk. The enzymes in milk can make an infant have intestinal bleeding.

Allergies from foods are heredity. You don't just eat something and it makes you allergic. You either have food allergies or you don't. Now food sensitvity is a whole other story. People,including Doctors, commonly mistake food sensitivity for allergy. Even blood tests and scratch tests for allergy are inaccurate because a sensitivity will show up as an allergy.

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I used the same yogurt as Elfrieda -- the Astro Original Balkan. It's gelatin-free and unsweetened. I'd mix it with a bit of mashed-up banana and gave it to him starting around 7 months. Yogurt doesn't have the same age limitation as milk, because the cultures in it break down the lactose, which makes it much easier for tiny tummies to digest.

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All yogurt is safe for babies starting at 6mo's and cheese. Here in the US we have organic yogurts designed just for babies.

This was recommended by my pediatrician.

When Can My Baby Start to Eat Yogurt?

Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurt as a great first food (from 6 months+). Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats in their diets for proper growth.

You can buy Plain Whole Milk Yogurt made by such companies as Stonyfield Farm, Cascade Fresh and Brown Cow. You can also Make Your Own Homemade Yogurt. Stonyfield Farm makes the YoBaby brand that many parents know and love. However, using a large container of Plain Whole Milk yogurt will save you money (and save on added sugar) and give you the flexibility of adding your own flavorings to baby's yogurt.


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I started giving my boys yogurt at around 10 months, Danino, it helps to develop the brain.

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everything I've heard is no dairy until a year old to prevent an allergy. I've heard of introducing fruits first but not till about 10 months at the earlies. I'm not saying it's the right info, it's just what I've heard.

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Vaalia My First yoghurt is what I used to give mine when he was 6 months (it's made for babies), then just eventually started giving him whatever yoghurt I eat at about 10 months.

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Get a plain yoghurt, you can always mix it with stewed fruit to add flavour. Grated cheese makes great finger food for babies. You could maybe try some cottage cheese or some cream cheese spread on toast fingers.

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My son couldn't tolerate yogurt until he was 10 months old. Just give her a little and see how she does. I get the plain, gelatin-free stuff. It has no sugar and no bad stuff, and the baby doesn't know the difference! :) Now he eats flavoured yogurt when he's at somebody else's house, but he still likes the plain kind. Hooray! I buy the Astro Original Balkan Style one. It's in the red package with a picture of a cow's head on it.

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